Collection of Website Logo Design Online 2020


Collection of Website Logo Design Online 2020

Designing a logo for your company can be very expensive if you use the services of a professional graphic designer. For this reason we will provide you with another solution, you can use online logo design services that are available for free on various web sites.

Function of Logo Design?

The logo is simple and doesn't burden your business. However, this logo design should not be underestimated. Why Because this logo will represent your project, both in the form of study projects or businesses that you always want to run. If you want to run a business, you can only be supported by a small team where the available budget is not that big. So, it is very natural if you don't have expensive design software programs or the ability to design is not much. Maybe you have a team member who can design, but you have to do a lot and not have enough time to seriously make your own logo. Again, this is an alternative you can take.

Now there are many free logo generators available online. So, let's look at the 2019 Online Logo Design Website Collection that we will review below.

1. Canva

The first online logo design is Canva . Canva has been circulating in the graphic design market. Not only logos, Canva offers many graphic design conveniences. Various types of designs offered include social media templates, brochures, invitations, business cards and more. Well, for your own logo Canva has two free and paid versions. Just enter your company name. Start with one of the free templates provided, then make changes with colors, fonts, etc., which you can customize as needed.

If you don't like Canva picturesavailable, you can upload images from your own computer. If you don't have an alternative image, Canva has provided a library of free image listings. Simply drag (drag) and paste (drop) anywhere on the canvas you want.

Then, you can also download your design results in various file types, such as PNG, JPG and PDF. Use canva for other business related needs that might be needed for your business needs. Examples such as letterhead, business cards and others.

After using it and reviewing it, all this time passed without problems. There is only one disadvantage of Canva, that others can use the same template as you. Because of this, it is possible that other people's logos are circulating on the Internet in a manner similar to yours. But this can be handled well if you can create your logo in a unique way.

2. Graphic Springs

The second online logo design is graphic springs. Like the other logo makers on our list, Graphic Springsoffers several types of templates that you can choose directly. Templates have been grouped into several types of image categories. Now just enter your brand name and what is your motto. Then select the appropriate image category. Some of them may look familiar or popular, if you can, avoid them unless you can edit them creatively.

If you want to be more free to make your logo, start with the various shapes and symbols that have been provided or you can also add some decorative touches to the existing logo template. Although this software is free, downloading the design results in PNG, SVG, JPG format will cost around $ 19. But if you have paid and want to edit and download several times later, there will be no Graphic Springs fees.

3. Online Logo Maker

Making the third online logo is the Logo maker. This site has an interface similar to Graphic Springs. Its use is also simple and fast, because your needs are diverse, both in the form of font or model choices. You simply choose the symbol provided. Hundreds of images from various categories are also available. But of course you can't use it, but download a photo of yourself the

advantage is that you use the premium or paid Logo Maker maker. The premium package has a much higher download image quality, so the results won't fail if you want to put it on a banner or anything. Also available SVG vectors will make it easier for you to add more logos or images. The price is not too expensive, please check the website.

4. DesignHill

The fourth online logo design is Designhill which is a free logo maker that can make it easy for you to create a logo. Designhill is a crowdsourcing platform that is actually very popular in the design field. This website has been used and accessed by thousands of business managers and graphic designers every day. Regarding making logos, Designhill also has more than 1000 logo designs that you can choose to edit again according to your needs.

You can choose what colors you need to represent your brand. In addition, there are various font options available. Then, if you want to print a logo or maybe on a business card, you can download the results. Try searching and exploring various templates that have been provided.

5. Oberlo Logo maker

The last online logo design is oberlo . If you have already started to develop your business and are starting to complete a concept, several other creative things will also be involved in the process. In this way, there will be many designs or graphic designs that must also be maintained. This is certainly in line with the release of the brand that you manage. Well, making a logo using Oberlo Logo Maker can also be your choice to facilitate your work.

Just like the various other free logo generators above, Oberlo also provides various templates with a variety of font choices or additional images that are very interesting for you to try. Please visit the website and focus on making your logo because even if it looks small, it is a serious element of your business that cannot be underestimated because it includes your business identity.