Hacking Techniques with Sniffing (Data Thieves)


Hacking Techniques with Sniffing (Data Thieves)

Hacking Techniques with Sniffing

On this occasion, we would like to explain a little about hacking techniques that are quite popular and of course very dangerous. Especially for you free wifi users. because this piracy technique mainly attacks public networks such as wi-fi.

Sniffing is a hacking technique which can be briefly defined as Tapping data traffic on a computer network.

Sniffers usually act on public networks where many people use it. so the sniffer can harvest as many targets as possible.

Do you often enter your username and password on public networks? Do you often shop online using a credit card? or do you often use e-banking through public networks? Our advice, stop such activities now.

because there might be someone who is tapping into the computer network that you are using.


Passive sniffing is the activity of tapping data without changing any data or packets in the network. So the way to tap it passively is just cutting network traffic without changing the data in it.

Active Sniffing is a sniffing activity that can make changes to data in the network so that it can do sniffing. Active tapping is generally carried out in Swiss because of differences in working principles between Hub and Swiss. The most common active sniffing is ARP Poisoning, Man in the Middle attack.

For example, Target A and target B communicate through public networks, but without them knowing there is a third person who intercepted their communication. namely Hacker.

When you enter your username and password on a public network. then your data will travel through the network and then be forwarded to the internet to access the data that is as requesting from the server. when data arrives on a public network, it is a sniffer that can see or even steal your data,

of course the data cannot be as seen on our monitor. might have been encrypted or random. but with the development of computer technology there is now a lot of software that can complete encryption.

that is why tapping techniques are very difficult to prevent. antivirus that is embedded in our computer cannot detect it. because a sniffer steals data when it's out of your computer.

So the best way to prevent eavesdropping access is by not entering sensitive data when we use public networks. Hopefully the explanation of this article is useful.