Unique Features Hidden on Google


Unique Features Hidden on Google

You trust Google every day, to help solve various problems, add information or maybe just find entertainment to ward off boredom. However, sometimes you will definitely feel bored with the Google search engine features that you use often.

Well, Google apparently has some hidden keywords or features that many people may not know about. Just type the following keywords in Google Search and then Enter. After that you will know what happened. Curious? Let's Look at the following reviews:

1. Creating a Unique Love Graph

The first is the Love Graph To Display it on google search type
Copypaste: "sqrt (cos (x)) * cos (500 * x) + sqrt (abs (x)) - 0.4) * (3-x * x) ^ 0.1"

2. Create Unique Egg Charts

Ways to display the Egg chart type:

Copypaste: " 1.2+ (sqrt (1- (sqrt (x ^ 2 + y ^ 2)) ^ 2) + 1 - x ^ 2-y ^ 2) * (sin (10000 * (x * 3 + y / 5) +7)) + 1/4) from -1.6 to 1.6 "

3. Make Google Gravity

Type Google Gravity  Select one of the Google Gravity sites: Mr.doob & See your screen will change.

4. Making Google Water

Type in the google search "Google underwater" select google underwater for the same. Start googling with the search column in water or the sea.

5. Play Pacman

When you are bored while playing the internet can take a break while playing pacman games. Just write "Pacman" in the google search field.

6. Throwing Google coins

Coin tossing games can't only be done using real coins, because Google also has a virtual currency that you can play.

7. Spinner

If you don't have a fidget spinner, Google has a virtual spinner that you can play and, of course it's free. You just type "Spinner"

8. Various Animal Sounds

If you want to know about animal sounds like tigers, beavers or camels, just type the keyword "Animal Sounds" in the search field then Enter.

9. Look for Color Codes

This keyword is of course very useful for web designers or you who need a color grading code in finding the appropriate color code. Type "Color Picker"

10. Test Internet Speed

You want to know how fast the internet you are using, use these keywords and find out how fast your internet is typing "Speed ​​Test"

and those are some of the  Unique Features Hidden in Google. Hopefully it will be useful and will increase your knowledge