10 Computer Damage Issues and How To Fix


10 Computer Damage Issues and How To Fix

In fact a lot of 10 damage to the computer. On this occasion we would like to share some of the damage to the computer and how to fix it for a while or can be called first aid.

1. Computer does not want to live. 

How to fix it :

- Check the cable connection (from the power outlet to the power button on the PC)
- Check if the stabilizer function or not (if using a stabilizer)
- Check the power cable to the CPU
- If you still do not want to live the problem may lie in the power supply or MB

2. The computer wants to start but do not want to boot :

How to fix it:

Recognize first beep:

- Beep 1 time only a sign that the good condition of the computer
- The sound of one long problem in memory
- The sound of one long and three times the damage is short on VGA card
- Beep 1 long and 2 short Damage in DRAM parity
- continuous beep Damage dimodul memory or video memory

- Check the use dianosa software such as SiSoft Sandra, mark04 PC, PC mark05 etc.

3. Computers often hang :

How to Solve it

- Caused by software crashes. press ctrl + alt + del >> click End task in a program that is "Not Responding"
- Press the restart button on the CPU
- Due to a hardware conflict (the addition of new hardware)
- The conflict between hardware common in Windows operating system

- Reinstall your window, but the thing to remember before reinstalling your windows, first remove the new hardware you run the "add new" hardware found on the control panel.

4. Forgot BIOS Password

How to Overcome it:

- Unplug cmos Batterey on cpu
- Or by trying to guess some default password bios for some manufacturers, such as AMI and AWARD (example: AMI, AMI, AMI_SW, ALLY, 589 589 etc.)

5. Monitor Not Wanted On The fix:

- Ensure that all power cables and connectors associated with the monitor ok
- Also make sure that the pins on the VGA port entrance with any crooked, let alone does not make all / one pin to VGA port
- Make sure your VGA card is ok

6. Monitor Being Dark When loading windows

How to overcome:

- It may be caused by improper setup monitor drivers (frequency setting is too high)
- The first to enter safe mode (press F8)

- reinstall the driver VGA

7. Monitor looks like flashes during use

How to fix it:

- Enter the display properties (right-click where you choose a property)
- Tap the settings tab and advance the click, and then click the adapter, in this part of the display refresh refreshment

8. Can not Boot

Possible causes:

- Cache Memory broken
- Memory is not suitable
- Bad Sector at the beginning of the hard drive path

Solution: - Disable the external cache memory in BIO - Change Memory - Reinstall OS - Re-partition HDD

9. Striped Screen Display

Possible Cause: VGA card is damaged
Solution: Replace the VGA Card

10. Not Recognized by Computer Keyboard

How to fix it: check whether your keyboard is installed correctly if it has a keyboard but still not detected then your keyboard may have a problem.