5 Issues Often Makes Slow Wifi


5 Issues Often Makes Slow Wifi

Almost everyone has an internet connection in their home, either through the use of mobile data or Wi-Fi. Use of the Internet connection on your laptop / PC or smartphone has many uses to facilitate everyday life.

A simple example is now with the internet connection, we can buy a product, book tickets, order a meal, complete business and many others, only through a portable device / PC and smartphone. Therefore, the Internet seems to be the most important requirement, which must be met every day.

fast internet is considered as one of the things required. And, basically, the location for the Wi-Fi router, and also the number of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network, has a great influence on the speed of the Internet that we use. When the location of the router is not true and many devices connected to a network, it is true that the internet speed will decrease.

There are also some other cases, which can reduce the speed of Wi-Fi is commonly used. So, for those of you who are curious about things that can reduce the speed of a Wi-Fi network, you should read the review this time to complete.

Router Access Point Placement 

Factors that could cause Wi-Fi network and the Internet to slow down, is the improper placement of the router. Basically, it is because the router will send a signal to all directions, and when the router is placed where it is not as precise angle, the signal may not arrive or less strong.

Therefore, to make the router work optimally, we must choose the right place to put it. Make sure the signal from the router can be spread evenly throughout the room in the house.

Many Users Connected

Another factor that can cause Wi-Fi and the Internet to slow down is the number of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. Because a large number of people who use Wi-Fi networks, will affect the amount of bandwidth used.

Moreover, it turns out biological number of users, it can also weaken the internet network. That's because the human body is composed of 60 percent water, and the water can slow the emission of radio waves.

Rarely router restart

Restart Routers can prevent us from slow internet network. That's because it's old, outdated router models need to be restarted to fix problems with them. And if we pay attention, when we call a service technician at home, the first thing they do is to restart our router.

WiFi Extender

Many users have a big house, and thought that the Wi-Fi Extender can solve the problem, associated with the speed of Wi-Fi and Internet networks. Indeed, by using it, your router's signal coverage in your home will be more widespread, but the pace is likely to fall dramatically.

If what you use is cheap Extender and the router in your house is old, then we can be sure a home Internet network speed will decrease. Or if a router in your home is new, but the Extender you have a speed under your router, the router also will reduce the speed of a Wi-Fi network.

It's Time to Change Ethernet Cables

As PC devices, usually to be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks and the Internet, they require an Ethernet cable. And if you are also using an Ethernet cable, you can connect to your home network, then it is a good idea to check the state of your Ethernet cable. Because, using an Ethernet cable is too long, really can cause problems, especially on the internet speed.

By knowing things that can reduce the speed of Wi-Fi and Internet networks, in the future you can avoid or resolve the issue properly. So, you can enjoy the Internet with maximum speed, and avoid things that are quite disturbing as slow internet.