How To Download Youtube Videos From Termux Apps

Youtube is designed as a platform flowing but you might feel like to keep the video, right? The reason is simple: have the files on their laptop or phone brand look easier. Here we present How To Download Youtube Videos From Termux Apps

The material needs to be prepared is you download the application Termux through PlayStore. After installing the application termux you type:

$ pkg update && pkg upgrade
$ pkg install wget
$ pkg install bash
$ wget -O 
$ bash

If successful, will be saved. For how to download videos like this:

1. Go to Youtube App
2. Select the video you want to download and click share via Termux
3. Automatically the video will download

Is Illegal Downloading content from YouTube?

Of course the content downloaded from Youtube is illegal because it does not comply with the rules and policies of YouTube. Provisions made by Youtube is that users can only stream and many artists rely on advertising.

And it's a tutorial on how to Download Youtube Videos From Termux. Good luck!

Source : Magelang1337

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