4 Ways Hacking WA that is often used


4 Ways Hacking WA that is often used

WhatsApp is an application that is often used in everyday life. However, recently we found a lot of news about piracy cases WhatsApp. WhatsApp actually be an application that is often used objects hacking. Signs hacked WhatsApp is actually quite easy to figure out. People get hacked on WhatsApp when their accounts suddenly logged out without reason.

Despite the signs of someone being hacked on WhatsApp is very easy to find out, you have to keep your account from being hijacked by hackers. How to prevent us from being hacked account, you have to understand what methods are often used by hackers to hack WhatsApp account.

How To Hack Whatsapp Frequently Used


OTP code stands (One Time Password) so you can get this code from whatsapp in the form of SMS messages or phone. The point is to verify the person who will go to the WA application so that the code is a secret not let anyone else know this code. But so many people do not know how important is the OTP code.

What if someone else knows the code OTP? If this OTP code known to others, of course anyone can enter your whatsapp account. And here is the variety of ways a hacker knows the code OTP.

1. Pegasus
2. Spyware
3. Call forwarding
4. SIM Swap

Let's discuss these 4 methods:


Spyware is a surveillance applications, these applications are typically used to spy on all the activities on the smartphone. This application can be installed directly if you install applications with no apparent source. Characteristics if there is spyware on smartphones usually large enough to jump Internet data. To check you can see the history of the internet (internet data) to remove Spyware application you can do a factory reset or a hard reset.


Pegasus, such as spyware surveillance applications, are used to spy on important people such as officials, activists, etc. This application can not be used by ordinary people, who typically use Pegasus usually Intelligence applications. Pegasus itself was created by the NSO of Israel.

Pegasus application can find out all the activities on smartphones, such as call history, SMS, location, email, listen to the microphone and also the most dangerous to activate the camera. Pegasus itself has been confirmed by whatsapp has succeeded in hacking whatsapp 1400 accounts as accounts of officials, politicians, activists.

Forward calls

Call forwarding feature phone communication divert to another number. This method actually has a function to change the number that is no longer active (active) has your number. However, this method can be used by hackers to hijack your account.

Swim Swap

SIM swap is a method where the SIM card main hack victims held by the hacker, so that all SMS and phone access can be known by the perpetrator.

Source : Magelang1337