Complete Termux Hacking Tools


Complete Termux Hacking Tools

 Termux Hacking Tools

Termux essentially different from Linux but Termux almost similar to Linux in general. One difference is that Termux have the package is somewhat limited, as far as the average, only applications running on the console is supported by Termux, and even in this case, all Linux applications not yet ported to Termux.

However, Termux is a powerful application that can be used to install a package which is handy when hacking on Android. On this occasion we will share hacking tools to Termux and you could tell it was pretty full so just install it easily without having to search Google.

For a very complete features as below:

• admin-panel-finder
• airgeddon
• aircrack-ng
• angryFuzzer
• Breacher
• Brutal
• BruteXSS
• commix
• cpscan
• credmap
• ExploitOnCLI
• ezsploit
• figlet
• hakkuframework
• hammer
• Hash-Buster
• hydra
• Hunner
• Infoga
• instahack
• IPGeolocation
• kickthemout
• Trity
• Lazymux
• metasploit
• netattack
• pydictor
• nmap
• onioff
• A-Rat
• Pybelt
• PyBozoCrack
• recon-ng
• And Others

Fool you must tool-X Follow the following command. Type termux:

$ pkg update && pkg upgrade

If you do not have git installed, type:

$ pkg install git

Then make git x-cloning tool by typing:

$ git clone

wait until the process is complete if you type ls as shown below.

Then you type:

$ cd Tool-X
$ chmod +x install.aex
$ ./install.aex

And the result is as shown below:

For more details, installation command as follows: