How to Get Money from Youtube with Android


How to Get Money from Youtube with Android

Youtube is the most visited application for web site visitors today. But not with the amount of new content and information that makes the virus very successful YouTube brand anyone a desire to see the film and content. Moreover, coupled with the growing number of users of YouTube and through their YouTube have also become famous. However, being a YouTuber would require capital to be issued. One of them using smartphones. Although not as sophisticated use of cameras in general. But, an android smartphone can be your alternative to make money from YouTube with a smartphone. Perhaps you will wonder how. Here are a few ways to earn money from YouTube with Android:

Being a famous YouTuber is the dream of most people. Not only is his hobby and avocation, YouTube is also a means of collecting the coffers rupiah with diverse contents. No wonder so many people ranging from children to adults who pursue the world of YouTube as a source of revenue. Creating content for YouTube do not have to have a fancy camera, you can start using your smartphone camera. Well, here is How to get money from YouTube with only Android.

How to Make Money on YouTube with Android

For those of you who are interested in becoming a famous YouTuber with a capital with a smartphone, here is the first step you can take

1. Create a Google Account 

The first step you should do is create a YouTube account first. Google Without a Google account, you can not have a YouTube channel. Because Google account is a requirement to register a YouTube channel to open up a new YouTube channel for the first time. However, if you already have a YouTube account then you should use the old YouTube account instead of creating a Google account again. Because creating a YouTube account needs a lot of processes to make money.

2. Creating a YouTube channel to use android.

After creating a YouTube account, then select the name of the YouTube channel that is what you want. You can use a personal name or a name that represents the contents of the content to be created. But, you must select the YouTube account name that is memorable and unique for sure. With a unique name, certainly a lot of visitors to your YouTube subscriptions. Next create content on the YouTube channel that you have created. Here you can record your video and then upload to your YouTube account.

3. Edit videos using the Android

If you have made a youtube account then you might not be present youtube video just as they are. Of course you will edit the video so it can be more interesting and a lot of visitors. At the very least, you can do a bit of editing so that the resulting video can look neater. Well, if you created a video on an Android phone, edit on your Android phone can do. Now there are a lot of video editing application for Android mobile that you can use. You can download it through PlayStore and iOS.

Select Game Content or Android Tutorial Video 

Realize that the device you're using is limited, which is only a smartphone. Then select the content can be maximized even if only by using Android, such as tutorials for playing games or using apps on Android tutorial.

You can record the activities of the game you do or record tutorials Android apps, such as how to edit photos, video make, or tips about Android features. Not to worry, no additional devices or only use one phone, you already can record your activities directly on the smartphone. There are many Android screen recorder that you can use, for example DU Recorder, Mobizen Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder games, and many more which you can download in PlayStore.

Download Video Editing that match your device

After obtaining the video footage as a material for making content on YouTube, you need to edit before uploading. Editing is required in order that the recorded video becomes more interesting with the addition of text, audio, or transition effects, and so on. If you do not have a computer or laptop for video editing, no need to worry because now many Android video editing software similar to the PC. Download Android video editing application in accordance with the capacity of your device, so that the applications used to run well. Some applications are light enough for Android, namely KineMaster, Filmorago, and InShoot, and many others.

To earn money from YouTube is not easy and instant. This means you have to be consistent in video uploading and improve their quality. As a beginner, you can upload at least once a week. Be sure to do it consistently, if necessary, make a schedule of when to upload, including day and time. In addition to being consistent with the time, it is also necessary to be consistent with the content of the theme of your video. For example, the focus on the video tutorial, which means that the video you've uploaded a tutorial themed. You can also select specific content again, for the tutorial such as games. So the content you create and upload concerned with how, tips and tricks for playing games

Requirements Met Monetization

How to make money from YouTube with Android to monetize your videos on your YouTube channel. However, before doing so you need to meet the requirements set by the YouTube monetization. Two things are the main requirements for the filing of the monetization of 4,000 showtimes for 1 year and the number reached 1000 Subcriber Subcriber.

How do I get the amount of airtime and Subcriber? YouTube channel in order to attract more people, of course you have to make the content interesting. Promoting in various social media that you have will help you get more Subcriber and improve showtime. Make sure that the content you upload and positive qualities, not the SARA, slander and hatred.

Submit Monetization

If you meet the requirements of the YouTube channel, you can send a monetization. Follow the steps and procedures so that your submission can be processed more quickly. Generally, it takes around 1-4 weeks for submission to get a reply, whether it is approved or rejected. Youtube will give you the information via email if you are approved for monetization channel or not. If rejected, Youtube will attach the reason why your channel is not approved for monetization. You can re-send by first increasing the content or complete the required data.

Sign up for Google Adsense or support products

Well, you can also register a channel to advertisers that the Adsense or video you upload will be pasted with advertisements. This method can increase the coffers of the rupiah, but do not expect to immediately get great results from Adsense. In addition to using Adsense, you can increase your revenue by accepting endorse products that will be reviewing on Youtube. For example, products such as cosmetics, fashion, and electronic products and services. Earn extra income from suppliers or sellers who use services to endorse their products.

So, how to get money from YouTube with Android that you can try. Do it consistently so that you get the results that can last a long time, not just seasonal. Good luck.