5 Problems Facebook Account was Banned


5 Problems Facebook Account was Banned


Problems Facebook Account was Banned - Some of you may experience when you discover that your account is suddenly blocked by Facebook so that you can not access it. Why block a person's Facebook account?

In fact, Facebook has the right to block anyone account, well after many users report it or because Facebook is investigating itself. Facebook provides an explanation of some of the reasons they're blocking someone's account or page.

1. Upload content that does not agree with the term Facebook

Examples of content in accordance with the rules of Facebook including violent content, fraud, content related to the provocation of hatred and crime, as well as the negative content such as pornography and gambling.

2. Using a fake Name

If the account is active contain a variety of content but do not use your real name, up to investigate and close the account. This is to prevent the error using the Facebook platform.

3. Pretending to be someone else

This reason is similar to the previous one. fake accounts used to pretend to be someone else can be a tool for criminals to commit fraud. This method is known as phishing and deceptive in the internet world.

4. Taking actions that violate public policy Facebook

When a Facebook user gets a warning, the account will be blocked immediately. However, if users continue to do something that violates the policies of Facebook, then Facebook has the right to immediately block or even delete the account.

5. Contact other accounts for malicious purposes

Facebook states that it has the right to block or delete the account if it is known to be used for harassment, advertising, promotional, or other illegal behavior.

If you feel you do not violate the terms and stillblockedor deleted your account, Facebook provides pages for the appeal form will be responded by the investigation team Facebook.