How to Create a Facebook Cartoon Avatar (Profile) Photo 2020


How to Create a Facebook Cartoon Avatar (Profile) Photo 2020


Recent Create Facebook Profile Photo Avatar. In August, Facebook has updated appearance to become better web version, with many new features that are presented. Starting from FB to see in dark mode to approve all the posts in the group. Previously we had made a post about How to Make 3D photos on Facebook that you might try in Facebook. Currently, Facebook's new features to make your profile picture avatar, according to your face. Want to know how? Check out the following article

How to create a Facebook profile avatar photo

To create your avatar profile must use a Facebook application. If you have not downloaded, click here (Via PlayStore). Why not with the usual FB? For web and lite version of FB, you can not create a profile avatar.

1. The first step you can click on this link or the image below.

2. Open the link / image above via the Facebook application.
3. Then click "Show off your avatar in the new post"

4. You go directly to the avatar menu to make the eyes, hair, clothing and more.
5. To facilitate and similar to your face, click the camera menu on the top right and send your selfie photo.

6. When you've clicked Done

Then, you can use this avatar photo to comment posting and replying to chat in mesangger. How very easy right? avatar Facebook profile is being enjoyed by users of Facebook, so do not miss it.

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