10 Best Android Music Player Applications


10 Best Android Music Player Applications


Music is the most important part of our lives, and the music is usually used as the best remedy to overcome feelings of confusion. Listening to music can be from anywhere, from radio, television, computer, or smartphone. But it did not feel much easier when listening to music on a smartphone equipped with a headset or headphones.

Speaking of music, this time I will give some advice on the best Android music app comes with cool features equalizer. Android music application has indeed been circulated widely, ranging from free to pay, some are even equipped with features lyrics that makes it easier for us to imitate the song being played.

Best Android Music Player App

On an Android phone, there's a built-in music app, but sometimes the default application has a simple appearance and features.

Therefore many people using other music application that provides full-featured. Well, if you also need a music app, here are some of the best Android music app that you can try to use.

1. musiXmatch

The first music application is musiXmatch. The advantage of this application is that it can synchronize the songs that you play with the lyrics of songs online. Not only foreign songs, this application also supports almost all the songs Indonesia. So do not worry about not finding the lyrics Indonesia.

Another interesting feature that is not music application is that it can detect the lyrics of the song, from the radio, TV, or computer. And if it has been detected, you can search for songs based on lyrics in musixmatch.com.

In addition, this application also supports the feature FloatingLyrics  which allows you to enjoy the lyrics synchronized even if you use other music apps like Google Play Music, Poweramp or other applications.

If you want to change the audio effects, their Equalizer feature that you can change to your liking. Another additional feature is that it can be reset info and album cover songs and features a sleep timer that can be used to set sleep time.

2. Google Play Music

The next recommendation is Google Play Music. These applications are usually available on your Android smartphone, because this application is also a native application.

I am as a writer also uses this application, the reason is because this application has a modern and elegant design. And there is a control feature to play music that is easily understood. Additionally, you can also search for your favorite songs easily and quickly with the search feature.

The most pleasant thing is the equalizer that can be used to set the desired audio.

This application provides a paid feature that can access more than 35 million songs, and can become a member of the Red Youtube that can be used for ad-free YouTube flow. This application has full support for Android and iOS types of phones.

3. Samsung Music

The next option is the Samsung Music where the application is only compatible on all Samsung devices, not for others. So, for those of you who use a Samsung smartphone, you are very lucky you can try this application.

Or it could be that it has become the default application on Samsung smartphones, so you only need to update if the update is available. What I like most about Samsung Music is the UI or application interface is clean and modern, so it's easy on the eyes.

There is a music recommendation from Spotify where you can enjoy music from around the world. In addition, there is the Favorites feature where you can see a list of songs to suit the user's choice.

To support audio formats, Samsung music supports various formats such as MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC.

4. Shazam

The next option is Shazam from the company Apple. Although initially this is a specialized application for Apple devices, Android users now can enjoy it. Through this application, you can enjoy MP3 music stored on your smartphone.

This application can be run online and offline, but is optimized to run online. Remember, flowing and Spotify services available online. In addition, it would be better if you create an account when using Shazam so that all data can be synchronized to the cloud.

Not only audio, this application also supports play video, song lyrics, online streaming, and more. The interested try downloads the free Shazam app through Google Play now.

5. Music Player

As the name suggests, the Music Player can also be your choice in playing music. The interesting thing about this application is that the user interface and is full of features for users offline. You can also choose the theme or the Music Player according to your wishes.

There are several categories of important tabs presented by the Music Player as the playlist, genre, folder, artist, album and songs. It also features a 5-tire d equalizer where you can adjust the bass audio and virtualizer accordance with the wishes and needs.

Interestingly, this application is also available in 40 languages, including Indonesian. Interested in trying, free download via Google Play Music Player.

6. Music Player with Lyrics

Similar to the previous application, which was developed by the Music Player Leopard V7 prize account the various features that maximize your cool while playing a song. There is a wide selection of backgrounds that can be customized by the user desires.

Featuring the lyrics where you can play the song at the same time see the lyrics. Audio equalizer settings too strong, you can use more than 22 pre-defined tone as usual, classical, dance, folk, and more.

Interested try, download this app for free from Google Play now.

7. DoubleTwist Music Player

The next music application that has a special sophistication called doubleTwist Music Player. This music app is not only used to listen to music, but can also be used for radio, video, and podcasts.

The synchronization between the PC and your android phone, so that all the playlists will be easy to play. Not only with a PC, you also Airplay speakers with Wifi feature.

With attractive features such as, of course, this application could be an alternative for you.

Upgrade this application for pro features, then you will get special features like steam music, video and photos using Apple TV. Not only for Android, this application is also available for Mac OS and Windows.

8. Poweramp

Last android music application that you can try is called Poweramp. This application has its own characteristics, the button that looks great and unique. There is no doubt about the matter of features, because this app provides full-featured.

There are many features of widgets and visual theme that you can customize to your liking.

Listening to music was optimal because it is supported by a 10 band graphic equalizer that has a cool bass sound effects. And even more interesting, you can use lyrics feature that makes it easy for you to emulate your favorite songs you are looking for.

Do not worry about running out of the storage device, because the application is small and feels light when used. How, interested in trying the app, download the free version through Google Play now.

9. n7player Music Player

n7player Music Player is a music player application with an intuitive user interface and user-friendly music. You can use personalization features with the theme of change, widgets and screen locks.

Enjoy music with high-quality audio thanks to the features of a sophisticated equalizer 10 bands that you can choose according to your wishes. Linking this with ToasterCast application that allows you to stream via external media via Chromecast/played / DLNA.

Want to karaoke, and you can do so with the add-on features that you can add to your favorite song lyrics. file support for this application is very much from MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WAV, 3GP, XMF, OGG, MKV *, ** FLAC, AAC **.

Do not worry about the cost, although this application has a complete feature, you can download this application for free through Google Play.

10. Rocket Players

Rocket Player is also among the best and most popular Android applications. The interesting thing about this application is that you can change the background to your liking. There are over 30 free themes ready to use.

Additionally, you can also adjust audio effects for Preset Equalizer features available that can be used according to your wishes. Not only audio players, this application can also play video types. 3gp, .mp4, .m4a.

Use the category tabs to make it easier for you to find your favorite songs.

You often listen to music while sleeping, so you are suitable to use this application as there features a sleep timer to stop the music being played with a duration of a few minutes to hours.

There are many other features of this app from the lock screen custom, reconfigurable interfaces, song, playlist manager, and many more. Upgrade applications for premium features, then you will get attractive and cool themes, as well as other excellent features.