5 Easy Ways to Prevent Spam Comments on Instagram


5 Easy Ways to Prevent Spam Comments on Instagram


Who does not know Instagram? Almost everyone knows about one of these social media. This application is very popular compared to similar applications. And very many users. Along with its popularity, there are many accounts to spread spam annoying messages.

These spam messages accounted normally send, or comment on photos and videos with clear ad commentary. This spam accounted normally comment on a photo or video uploaded by the users with many followers or celebrities. However, accounts belonging to ordinary users are also the target of spam messages.

For those of us who often receive spam messages, there are a number of steps that you can try to resolve it. the following will explain tips to avoid spam messages in Instagram.

1. Close Comments Features

Surely some of us have been commented on by Instagram account selling and product offering of strange enhancers vital body organ enlargement? If the answer is "yes", then we can fix it by closing the column comments feature. There are two ways to close comments on posts old and new.

New upload: When on the page for the information, scroll down until you find the Advanced Settings option. Commenting then select Turn Off or Turn Off Comments.

Upload old: Select the post you want to close the comment feature, then click the three dots icon at the top right. Commenting then select Turn Off or Turn Off Comments.

2. Account Upload Limits That Can View

The second way to ward off all kinds of spam is to make uploads only be accessed by those closest to them. The steps are quite simple, namely to enable Share With Friends nearby when you want to share a photo or video.

We can choose the closest friends by going to Options, then search for your edits Close Friends list, typing the name of their Instagram or username.

Unfortunately, this method applies only to photos or videos you just want to upload and can not be used to upload old.

3. Report the Spammer's Account

Among us, we must have found accounts that spread spam , you should block them and report them to Instagram. This is done so that the account cannot spam your Instagram uploads.

Features Block or report is accessible by opening a spam account in the first question. After that, select the three dots icon at the top of the account profile, then the choice would appear to block and report the account.

4. Avoid Using Follower Enhancer Service

Service Besides followers very tempting for us, because we can easily increase the number of followers is very large. However, this needs to be considered carefully.

If you use this service, our Instagram account automatically as (like) uploaded from an unknown person without permission. It also happens to be the feature follow your Instagram account. To stop the irritating activity, we must first change the password Instagram account.

5. Key Account

This latter method may be highly recommended, because in this way, only a few people can access our account. To enable this, we have to go to Options, then scroll down until you meet the Option Private Account, then activate it.

It is the means or tips to avoid disturbing comment spam, and hopefully the above tips can prevent us from unwanted spam comments.