How to Install Android Applications (Apk Files) Offline


How to Install Android Applications (Apk Files) Offline


In general, to be able to install an Android app, Android smartphone users are required to download the application through the store Market or Play Store. In the Play Store itself, it provides the most complete applications, up to thousands of free and paid apps, and to download the app through the Play Store, of course, you must be connected to the internet. 

Well, the problem is Android users feel lazy when they have to download the application directly through the Play Store, because if an application has a large size would take a long time to complete the download. In addition, downloading via the Play Store to be installed immediately, so we can not share with other friends.

To overcome such things, usually, Android users prefer to download an application with the Apk Format (Android Application Package). To download an application in the Apk format, you usually search directly for Google or through a trusted site that is guaranteed security. Applications with the Apk format can be downloaded via a PC or Laptop, which of course the download process is faster than using a smartphone. And what's more, users can share applications with friends in need via Bluetooth.

Install APK Files Android Apps Offline

For the installation process itself, different apk file from a file from the Play Store, so you need to understand in order to install the application. For those of you who want to know How to Install Android Apps Apk Offline Files? Check out the steps below.

1. First, download the android app you want in APK format, for example Whatsapp.apk. You can instantly search at Google.

2. Then enter Settings >> Applications >> check "Unknow Sources" section. This meant that Android can install the apk file Application although not from a trusted source.

3. Then open the android applications (.apk files) that you already have, choose "Install" and also choose where the installation or the "Application Storage."

4. Wait for the installation to complete. Then you can choose "Open" or "Finish" in the application.

5. Congratulations, the installation process has been successful.

6. Done.

It was a brief review of How to Install Android apk file that I can share applications, hopefully be helpful and useful. Good luck and good luck!