5 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps Without Root


5 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps Without Root


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The android is an operating system that is Open Sources. What is Open Source? The meaning of the word Open Source can be interpreted as "free." So, you can change, tweak or modify the Android system to your liking, as long as the product warranty is lost because it was modified. Speaking about the problem of Android, of course there will be no end, because Android itself continues to evolve over time so that users feel at home and comfortable using Android Smartphone.

Some smartphone and tablet products in the world mostly uses the Android operating system such as Samsung, Lenovo, Oppo, Asus, Xiomi, Smartfreen, HTC, LG, Motorola, and other smartphone products. Applications are very abundant, easy to use, and relatively low prices make people prefer smartphones with Android OS. In addition, users can also download a variety of applications for free through Google Android Play Store.

Screen Recorder Android App

For this time I will also share about #android application that can be used to record or Android Screen Recording. Applications such as these are typically used by Android users to give a tutorial on Android Tips and Tricks. Relax, I shared applications are secure and easy to use. In addition, you also do not need to root an android phone. Simply download via the Google Play Store, so you can quickly open and run it.

1. Free Screen Recorder No Roots

The first application, called Free Screen Recorder No Root. Judging from the name alone, this application does not require rooting. So you do not have to bother rooting Android phone. Simply by downloading this app through Google Play, then you can directly use it to record Android screen. An interesting feature of this application is able to record screen android with excellent quality. Even when you're playing games or watching video, this app will keep recording. Suitable for those who want to make a tutorial about tips and tricks android.

Download free screen recorder is not rooted through google play store

2. N0-Root's Record Screen Video

The next screen recorder application called N0-Root's Record #Video screen. This application can be used on a rooted or unrooted android phone. Recording quality is quite good, this application can record at up to 24 frames display only 1 second. To use this application, your Android phone OS version should be at least 2.1 or above.

Download n0-root record screen to video via google play store

3. Shou.TV

The next recording applications that users are pretty much called Shou.TV. This application is unique compared to other tape applications. Because this application can be used to broadcast live streaming. So this app is perfect for those who love the game live streaming. This application can run on Android phones version 4.1 and above Jelly Bean. Unfortunately this application can not be used on unrooted android phone. So you are asked to root Android first. Download Shou.TV through Google Play for free.

Download apk via pure shou.tv

4. SCR Screen Recorder (Root)

The next application called SCR Screen Recorder. Before using this application, you must root your Android smartphone, because this application can only run on rooted Android phones. Interestingly, this application does not show ads at all so that it can make you feel comfortable when using it. This application can only be installed on the smartphone android version 4.0.3 and above.

Download scr screen recorder via google play store

5. Screen Recorder

The last application that I can recommend to you is called Screen Recorder. This application is quite interesting for you to use, because the application does not have restrictions on the tape. Also, if you want to stop or stop recording, just shake it and the app will stop working.

Download Screen Recorder via the Google Play Store

Thus a review of Applications That Can Be Used To Record Android screen, hopefully this review can be helpful and beneficial for all android users.