8 Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Safe


8 Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Safe


Blogmagz.com - How to maintain an Android smartphone to stay safe. Avoid hacker attacks. More and more gadget users are there, the more hackers will appear. Whether it's through your own online site or friend hacker. Someone who has a gadget is obliged to secure it in various ways so that other people cannot open, see or steal the important data we have.

Not only smartphones, security is also important for computers or laptops. You need to know that there are more types of computers and Android viruses and of course anti-virus also need to be developed so that the virus is immediately deleted or deleted automatically.

The basic thing to secure an Android smartphone is installing anti-virus, but it's not enough, there are many other ways you have to apply again so that other people have difficulty accessing your Android contents. Want to know how to do it, this is the steps for you.

1. Your Android screen lock

The easiest way is to lock the Android screen. The mode or type of key varies from the PIN, password, or pattern lock. By locking the Android screen, at least your Android is much safer than not installing keys at all.

To avoid having fun with your friends, or if you want your privacy to be completely protected, then your Android key can be safe. Recently, he said, there was a smartphone with a fingerprint key mode. This, of course, will make security really guaranteed because only you can open the Android screen later.

2. OS and application updates

Every time Google updates its Android system, of course, Android users want to quickly enjoy the latest features of the OS. As a user of course, you also have to update the Android OS, apart from getting the latest view, of course you will also get a better security feature that is not available in the previous OS.

Not only Android OS, you also have to update the Android application. It also aims to give you the latest features, the latest security, the latest appearance, and remove bugs from the application.

3. Download the application from a trusted site.

Make sure you download the application from a trusted site, like the Google Play Store. If you download from a trusted market store, of course, there will be no viruses or hack software that go into your Android. From the information I get, it turns out that the Android application has reached 1 billion, therefore you must be careful in downloading and installing the application.

If you want to download the application in the APK format, you can download it from Jalanikus.com. Besides that it's easy, the mouse lane provides an application that is safe to use and does not detect viruses or malicious malware.

4. Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use

No need to activate WiFi and Bluetooth if you are currently not accessing the internet or sending files. The aim is simple, so that no one else can access your personal information remotely.

Hackers have many ways to manipulate technology around us, that's why we must always be careful in connecting existing connectivity. Don't access wifi carelessly. You must first ensure that WiFi is safe and has nothing to do with your personal information.

5. Install security applications.

The security application in question is anti-virus and firewall. In addition to preventing the virus into Android, the Internet firewall aims to secure you when opening the site. Many advanced security applications that can help you like CM security, security 360, AVG antivirus security, Kaspersky internet security, Norton cellular security, key applications and others.

The security application will continue to scan when the Android entry file ranges from photos, videos, music, and applications from the internet. Malware and hacking programs will not be able to enter if you install the application above.

6. Back up your important Android data

Back up all your important data online so that later if something goes wrong, you can download or restore important data. Lost or formatted data will definitely make you confused. For this reason, you need a backup with Verizon Backup Assistant Plus and Verizon Cloud, then, all your data will be fully supported, starting from music, movies, videos, documents, and other files.

Or if you don't want to bother, you can back up data to a computer. Only by copying and paste all files on your Android will be safe. In general, the most important data file is a photo, why? Because photos are memories that cannot be returned when they have been removed.

7. Avoid providing personal information to others.

If you get a message asking for a username and password, don't be confident, you must ensure that you really get information from trusted institutions. There are many widely circulating fraud modes, starting from emails, messages, telephone, chat, and more. All of it aims to steal your login data, so you can steal all the information you have.

Regardless of the message, sometimes there are also sites that require Facebook login to download something that turns out that the site wants to have your Facebook email and password. Don't let this happen to you.

8. Prepare an Android device.

If your Android has used Android Lollipop 5.0 OS, you can activate the factory reset protection feature. This feature is intended so that later when other people want to do research on your Android, it will require a Google account login. This means that if someone else finds or stole your Android, at least you can leave the Android OS trail itself.

What's more, if your Android is equipped with fingerprints, of course, everyone will not be able to open it except yourself.

By following the tips above, your Android smartphone is guaranteed to be safer than before. It's better to prevent than healing, and it's better to watch than losing.

It's a brief review of how to secure an Android phone, hopefully it can be helpful and helpful. Thank you!