5 Tips To get Lots of Likes on Instagram 2021


5 Tips To get Lots of Likes on Instagram 2021


Blogmagz.com - Got lots of likes on Instagram. Everyone has different goals in using social media Instagram, some are online businesses (selling), some are just sharing, some want to exist, and some want to get lots of likes to make them look popular. 

Most Instagram users want to exist and be popular. The proof is that there are lots of selfies that adorn the Instagram homepage, and the most crowded is definitely from among girls. Try to pay attention to how a girl takes a selfie.

Don't just take selfie, it's boring. There are other ways that you can popular and get lots of likes. What is it, just try uploading a photo that inspires someone or a picture with a motivational genre as a means to spread goodness through social media. Isn't that interesting?

If you want to be popular on Instagram and get a lot of likes, try doing the tips I wrote below.

1. Have many followers

Followers (followers) are one of the important things you need to pay attention to. Without followers, who will see your photos. The level of popularity of a person is measured by the number of followers it has, the more followers of someone who is more popular is on Instagram.

Don't forget, you also have to follow other people so you can get updates from them.

Tell your friend that you have an Instagram account. The aim is they also want to follow you and you follow them. Getting the followers is easy, often uploading photos, someone will follow you.

Especially now Instagram often provides follow-up advice for other new users using Instagram.

2. Upload quality photos

As I quote above, good and quality photos are attracting Instagram users to press the Like button. Take a snapshort that is right so that the photo looks like it was taken by a professional photographer.

3. Add a few tags

Hashtag can be interpreted as keywords, the more tags, the more keywords you make. The hashtag function on Instagram is the same as the hashtag function on Twitter, of course as a tool to target keywords when someone wants to find photos or videos. Try to make a maximum of 5 or 6 tags, don't overdo it.

4. Share to Social Media

Instagram can connect with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Connect your Instagram account with social media accounts. The goal is that your popularity on Instagram will skyrocket and automatically the likers you get are also abundant.

This method is sometimes also used by online people to promote products, just upload one time and one click so the photos can be shared to all social media. It's easier, faster and saves time.

5. Like other people's photos

If you want to get a lot of electrunchers then you also have to try to like photos of other people. Sometimes you like you answered by other users. This method is not only forwarded on Instagram, but also on Facebook and Twitter.

That's a simple trick to get lots of likes on Instagram , hopefully this can be useful and successful. If you want to add another way that might be more effective, write it in the comments column. Thank you and good luck !!