Best Android Weather App 2021 Complete with Widgets


Best Android Weather App 2021 Complete with Widgets

Magelang1337 Best Android Weather Widget Application. Many people sometimes don't care too much about weather forecast, even though the weather forecast is not from a shaman or paranormal.

The development of advanced technology can certainly make it easier for humans to carry out their daily activities, even see the weather, both rain, heat, snow, or spring.

With the help of Android technology, now users in installing the weather (weather) application are free and at no cost, only need an internet connection to switch updated weather forecasts, both international and national. When you go to the office, at least you can find out whether it will rain today or not. You can prepare raincoats, umbrellas, or coats.

The best weather application

The Google Play Store provides a wide selection of weather applications that can of course be downloaded for free. There are also widgets and hours. For more details, consider several options regarding the Android Weather application below.

1. AccuWeather

The first weather app I can recommend is called accuweather made by . As a well-known company, this application is able to provide weather data at the location we want accurately.

Every day, more than 1.5 million Android users around the world rely on this application to find out the weather forecast that they will experience. This application provides more than 100 languages ​​in the world and will continue to grow.

The AccuWeather team works closely with private and government weather sources directly. Apart from viewing weather conditions, users can also view news about weather news in other parts of the world.

When the AccuWeather application is active, everything will be integrated directly with the GPS feature to be able to provide weather forecasts according to your precise and accurate location. Interested in trying, download it for free via the Google Play Store.

2. Weather

As the name suggests, this application is made to see the current weather forecast . Applications made by MacroPinch are able to provide information about the weather for once an hour and once a week. With just one click, all information regarding the weather will be visible.

There is a moving animation in the notification bar that indicates the weather you are experiencing later, be it rainy, hot, snowing, spring, or others.

the weather application supports the geo-position feature, which means that it can detect the presence of your Android phone and will provide weather information according to the position of the cellphone.

The Weather application is also the lightest application on the Google Play Store, and certainly will not burden your Android phone.

3. Yahoo Weather.

Yahoo Weather is an Android weather application made of Yahoo. We did not expect that Yahoo also made weather applications for Android smartphones and tablets. Yahoo Weather is a unique and different weather application from other weather applications.

The cool appearance, which is equipped with pictures and weather photos according to your location, make your Android look more attractive and less boring. Screaming with your finger, weather information at your current location will also be accurately displayed, plus an estimated temperature for 14 hours in 10 days.

There is a weather widget feature that you can paste on the Home screen to make it easier for you to see weather news and temperatures. This application is free, you can download it directly through the Google Play Store.

4. Weather channels

With the "Weather Channel" application you can decide to go outside the home based on the most accurate and reliable weather forecasts that have ever existed. With this application, you can see weather forecasts anywhere and anytime. All weather forecast will be measured in metric, imperial and regional size units.

Apart from the weather, you can also get information about moisture, dew point, and sun.

There is also a warning feature for bad weather and rain that will happen at your current location. Bad weather is usually most often experienced in western countries such as Europe and America. Want to know the detailed reviews of the weather channel application, watch directly from the Google Play Store.

5. 1Weather: Radar Widget Forecast

The next Android weather application is called 1Weather: Radar Widget Forecast made by Onelouder Application Developer. 1Weather becomes the best application as a weather katerogi application on Phandroid Order No # 1. In addition, this application is also included in CNN Tech as the top 25 applications that must be downloaded by Android users.

1Weather application can estimate the weather accurately according to your location, coupled with other estimates such as temperature, wind speed, visibility, moisture, UV index, barometric pressure, dew point, and percentage of precipitation opportunities.

Within one hour or every 10 days, the application will provide updates regarding the weather forecast. Interested in trying to try, download it for free through Google Play Afternoon.

6. Widget weather & Android hours

The next weather application is called Weather & Clock Android Widget developed by This application is not inferior to other weather applications, because this application can provide weather forecast according to the position of Android users.

As suggested, this application also provides weather and clock widget features that you can paste on your Android Home screen.

Every 15 minutes, the weather application will provide updates about the weather. Automatically, the weather application can detect your existence through the GPS feature. The aim is that the weather information provided to you is more accurate and more appropriate.

You need to know that this application has been downloaded by more than 1.6 million Android users worldwide. Then, what about you?

7. Transparent Clock & Weather

transparent clock & weather is the best weather Forecast application and android clock that can be changed and adjusted according to your wishes. There are many unique and powerful features, all of which you can use freely and for free.

The existence of Wifi and GPS features will make the weather forecast more accurate according to your current location.

During 4 days, the application will provide updates about the current weather forecast. There are 4 types of Widget sizes that you can install, ranging in size from 2 × 1, 4 × 1, 4 × 2 and 5 × 2. Interested in trying, download it for free via the Google Play Store.

It was a brief review of the best Android weather forecast application, hopefully it could be helpful and helpful. If anyone wants to add something, write in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck !!