15 Best Fighting Games Android Most Exciting 2021


15 Best Fighting Games Android Most Exciting 2021


Blogmagz.com - List of the best and lighter Android battle games. is a genre of fighting game. Like in Arcade, players can use strong movements in battle. The battle genre is usually one in one in a narrow arena. And on this occasion the author will provide several selected battle games, which are quite interesting for Android gamers. And here is the list of the best Android battle games that I can recommend to you all.

List of the best Android fight games

1. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a mixture of RPG and classic battles. This game allows players to equip their characters with countless deadly weapons and rare armor sets, and display dozens of animated martial arts techniques such as life!

Destroy your enemy, and be a person who close the shadow gate. Do you have what it takes to kick, hit, jump and cut your way to victory? There is only one way to find out, download and play Shadow Fight 2 now.

2. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 offers 3 unique battle styles to choose from. Collect movements, armor, weapons, and new equipment then combine it and play your way.

Fast and graceful, strong and broken, mysterious and deadly. Improve characters that will represent your unique techniques and personalities.

3. Kings of Street fighting - kung fu future fight

Kings of Street Fighting 3D is a fun game with great graphics and a super good quality ninja battle.

True Heroes who fight in wild streets, feel the tension and strength of the street battle match, it's time for you to master the murder instincts and revenge in the kings of street battles.

Enjoy courage that you have never felt before and his extraordinary learning against experienced battle enemies. Struggling on the road, facing various enemies, using fast reflexes and special movements. Remove the power of Combo and defeat your opponent to become a king of street battles!

4. Fighting Tiger - Liberal

Fighting Games The following is the most popular fighting game with downloads of more than 500,000+ users. Click here to download Fighting Tiger - Liberal .

Game Features:

  • Special fighting moves: Liberal Kung Fu ( Chinese boxing, Sanda, Baji Quan ). Conquer the enemy with protean attacks. 
  • Sensitive and special 3D combat control system: very easy to control on your mobile device.
  • Sophisticated 3D characters and extensive backgrounds!
  • Smooth and thrilling movements! You can use kicks, punches, catch, throw, dodge, and defend… to fight. You can combine these skills to make a variety of deadly attacks.
  • You can use various weapons to attack the enemy.
  • Learn Kung Fu using 3D interactive mode.

5. Dragon Ball Legends

Get ready for the New Dragon Ball smartphone game that has been waiting for by fans!
Battle at high-quality 3D stage with character disguise! Enjoy action 1 at 1 against rival players from all over the world!

6. Street fighting 3 king fighters

Street Fighting king fighters is a classic free arcade fighting game. Street Fighting king fighters brings genuine fighting experience.

Fun and addictive beat'em'up game with realistic physics and hardcore gameplay . With simple controls, players can perform incredible stunts and punches to beat opponents.

7. Kung Fu Fight!

Kung Fu Fighting , classic arcade Fighting free game, Remember your childhood memories from arcade games! Going down in the history of classic arcade games .

Compared to other fighting games, Kung Fu Fighting game has been designed to be played more easily.

8. Marvel Contest of Champions

Captain America vs. Iron Man ! Hulk vs. Wolverine ! Spider-Man vs. Deadpool ! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in your hands!

The greedy elder universe nicknamed the collector has invited you to epic scale battles, against heinous criminals like Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and many more!

Experience this great fighting game for free on your mobile and mobile device Marvel Contest of Champions! 


Join Optimus Prime , Megatron , Bumblebee , Waspinato r, Rhinox , Grimlock , Soundwave and various other favorite bots in a battle for domination where Transformers from all over the world clash with each other.

this exciting action rpg brings heroic stories and spectacular robot-vehicle action from the 30-year history of Transformers to your mobile device! 

10. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Rita Repulsa, an extraterrestrial mage, has infected Morphin Grid , creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed to fight for his sake.

Battle again with your own team of legendary curators and villains from the multiverse!

Unlock new rangers, upgrade your best warriors and create the best team to defeat Rita, and save Morphin Grid . 

11. Robot Fighting 2 - 3D Minibots

Take part as a one-on-one in the armored car show BattleMinibots , with spectacular robots fighting armored cars and vehicle radio-guided robots.

These destroyed war cars are extremely dangerous, each one with a unique weapon for racing death.

Build your own armored car minibot in the garage and upgrade its properties to make it a trial run and become a member of the Mech Robot Wars League !

12. Terra Fighter- Wargods of Lives

Download Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods for your android device & engage in a pragmatic virtual war of the deadly zodiac. Train yourself, familiarize yourself with the unique fighting style of each fighter.

These battleborgs have a superpower move of their own, learning they are in a training mood. Have fun, test your self fighting skills in the underground bloodwar death arena.

Beat all wargods, be the last survivor & win the king of this virtual KillBox immortal title. 

13. TEKKEN ™

TEKKEN , the world's most successful fighting game franchise has been brought to mobile! Join PAUL, KAZUYA, XIAOYU, LAW, PANDA, NINA & all the other famous fighters to engage in an intuitive immersive combat system featuring fighting techniques from around the world.

Take on the role of Dojo Master , collect, upgrade and fight with your favorite fighters from the legendary TEKKEN franchise !

14. Real Steel Boxing Champions

Build your Robot Fighting machine in this ultimate action and sports adventure . Unleash ferocious attacks in one-on-one battles using special moves, jabs, punches with legendary pieces from your favorite heroes Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoy and the new superstar Atom Prime.

Play in a boxing realm with 1000 unique robots and dominate 10 inspiring arenas in this epic sequel.

Defeat the legends of the new real steel era & all new super mysterious bosses to reign supreme as the undisputed champion! 


This game is a game based on the famous anime adaptation, Naruto and Boruto . In this game, you will find all the characters in the two series that will fight each other in a game arena that is on the glass screen of your smartphone.

The game also features simple controls that let you perform fast combo attacks and all kinds of Ninjutsu.

All the heroic actions you'd expect from NARUTO and BORUTO, using beautiful graphics, including powerful ninjutsu attacks like Naruto Uzumaki's Rasengan , and Ninjutsu powers like the Sasuke Uchiha Sharingan.

That's a brief review of the list of the best and lightest Android fighting games, hopefully it can be a reference for all of you. All the games above are taken from the Google Play Store and you can download them for free. Thank you and good luck !!