7 Android Font 2021 applications (No Root)


7 Android Font 2021 applications (No Root)


Blogmagz.com - If you buy a smartphone, fonts or styles installed are not so cool. Usually, it will get you bored. If you have such feelings, you can try changing the font. You do this with the font application.

Of course you don't need to be confused about how to make cool writing on Android. You can choose one of the 7 cool android font applications recommended that we will explain in this article. Because this application provides a variety of fonts.

And here are some Android Font 2021 applications. With this application you can change the font style on Android or fonts for status updates on social media. See the following list:

1. Hifont

The application to change the first is Hifont. This application is quite complete. Various font models are in this application starting from handwriting fonts to comic models and others.

Besides that, if you have other fonts on your smartphone, you can also import it. And there are also emoji that you can use.

2. Fonts for FlipFont50 #6

This application matches the name that has around 50 different fonts to choose from. The Flipfont application goes well on Samsung and HTC smartphones.

Because the application is only compatible in certain smartphones. However, for Marshmallow Samsung Galaxy OS, you cannot use the FontFlip application.

3. Fancykey keyboard - cool fonts

Unlike this one application, the FancyKey keyboard application can only change the font on the keyboard. You can change the keyboard font as you wish. Examples such as editing background images, effects when typing, and keyboard fonts.

4. iFont

A font changer app, Ifont is not made by apple. This application is available on the Google Play Store. There are many choices of fonts available and the development team always updates the fonts to keep them updated. 

Not only that, you can also edit the font color and font size. This application is also equipped with a file backup system. If your smartphone has a Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei brand you need a root process.

5. Stylish Fonts

The next application, Stylish Fonts, is almost the same as other applications and requires root on certain smartphones to run the application except for Samsung smartphones.

6. Fontli

With the Fontli application, you can change the font as you like regardless of the brand of your smartphone.

Not only that, you can edit images and text with Fontli with a menu that is easy to understand. The advantage of this application is that you can see other users who have edited the images and text that they have shared.

7. TextSwag, Typography Generator

TextSwag A font changer application that makes it easy for you to edit words into unique image designs.

And that's the collection of the best 2021 font changer applications you can download all of the above applications via the Playstore. May be useful.