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How to Make a Keylogger in Python

Blogmagz.com - Keylogger is software or software that can record button pressure in keyboard activity. As a "classic threat" to security, there is currently no complete method of removing 100% keyloggers threats.

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In this article, we will discuss how to  make a keylogger in Python . Install python on your computer. This keylogger is called  Str0nger Keylogger @ysfcndgr.

How to install Str0nger Keylogger

* required libraries

$ pip install Pillow
$ pip install pyaudio
$ pip install pynput
$ pip install pyinstaller

* mail.py file editing

13. line email
14. line password
15. line send to this email

* Time editing

Mail time automatically set to 2 minute, if you want to change you have to go to code line

Note: All of them has to equal.
mail.py 11. line
screenshoot.py 8.line
sound.py 38.line

Str0nger Keylogger can send email directly from logs such as screenshots, recordings and target keyboard logs. https://github.com/ysfcndgr/Str0nger

For more details on how to install it, check the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwRwATOwk3w
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