10 Best PC & Mac Cleaner Software


10 Best PC & Mac Cleaner Software


Blogmagz.com - Not only in everyday life, the garbage on the computer is also an interruptive object, which if left unchecked will be a disaster that is quite detrimental to you. By using the same principles as everyday life, you have to clean up the garbage on your computer regularly. This will keep your computer or laptop run smoothly and optimally.

How to clean it yourself is quite easy, you only need to find garbage, then delete the presence. Question? How do we find garbage files from many folders on the computer, if it will be checked one by one it will take a very long time? After all, how do we know if the file is a garbage file or not?

Well, to solve such problems. Develop software cleaners, software is software that is responsible for finding garbage files that are on your computer through scanning on each drive, then delete it in your command.

Best Pc & Mac Cleaning Application

There are many types of cleaning software out there, each of which has its own advantages. With the addition of various other support features, they try to be the best software cleaners for your computer. The following are recommendations for cleaning software that you can choose.

1. CCleaner.

The first is CCleaner. Maybe this name is familiar to your ears. This software is already very popular among computer and laptop users, so it's just a natural thing you have heard. So what makes CCleaner so special? The first is a fairly complete feature, even in the free version. CCleaner can clean various garbage files on your hard disk, from cache, temporary files, thumbnails, registry entries, to browser trackers.

In addition, CCleaner also has features such as Duplicate Finder which will greatly help optimize the use of your space. The second is, the size is light and does not take a lot of RAM. As cleaning software, lightweight and not eating a lot of RAM is a top priority, it's not funny if cleaning software causes your computer or laptop to run slowly.

2. Razer Cortex

Although this is software developed by Razer, this software can still be run on other devices. Razer Cortex is the software offered by Razer as cleaning software and booster software. One thing that makes a special Cortex razer is the booster game feature that will keep your computer run optimally as possible when playing games.

Not only that, this Razer Cortex also has a game library that adds to the nuances of the gaming, you can also see the game dashboard here.

3. Bleachbit

The following software is software that has been around for 11 years. Bleachbit is the cleaning software that I recommend for you to try. By using Bloachbit, you will be able to clean the garbage files on your computer or laptop easily and quickly. Starting from cache, cookies, temporary registry, and other garbage files.

All you need to do is choose the part you want to scan and delete. Check your choice, and BleachBit will clean it immediately.

4. PC Total Cleaner

The next software is software that you can get in Microsoft Store for free. Total PC Cleaner, is another cleaning software that you can use to keep your computer or laptop optimized. It has a simple and simple appearance, but has a strong intuitive impression. With only a few commands you can free up your space capacity.

PC's total cleaner can clean your computer or laptop from various types of garbage files, starting from the system cache, cache application, cache letter, cache browser, and other garbage files.

5. Avast cleaning

If you hear the word avast, maybe what appears in your mind is an antivirus software. However, this software is not an antivirus software. Avast Cleanup is software created by Avast developed to help you maintain the optimization of your computer or laptop. By using Avast cleaning, you will be able to clean various garbage files on your drive. This software can also detect software or files that are useless to be cleaned.

It's just that, to use this software you have to pay first. Avast cleaning is not available in a trial mode or a free version, there is only a preview version that shows how avast cleaning is visible and a little way it works.

6. AVG TuneUp

Comes from the same developer as popular anti-virus software. AVG TuneUp is the cleaning software that I recommend for you to try. This software is developed by AVG anti-virus developers, namely AVG Technology.

By using AVG TuneUp, you will be able to maintain your computer or laptop optimization from various types of garbage files. Apart from its main function as a cleaner, AVG TuneUp can also be used as a battery saver and close security holes.

AVG TuneUp can also deactivate software that does not need to automatically with its sleep mode feature. The software will be activated again when you need it, this method is considered to increase the battery life.

7. Advanced System Maintenance

Still with the recommendation of cleaning software, in seventh position, the author recommends that you try advanced system care. This software is software developed and offered by Iobit. As with other cleaning software, on advanced system care you will also get a variety of services that will help you optimize your computer or laptop performance. Starting from cleaning storage from garbage files, to optimize the use of RAM, everything you can do with advanced system care.

8. WinOptimizer

WinOptimizer is a cleaning software created by Ashampoo, which is intended for Windows users. As the name suggests, this winoptimizer aims to maintain Windows's performance to remain optimal. With only one tap you can optimize your window for various problems, such as garbage files, system problems, not only optimizing with one tap you will also improve your Windows performance.

9. Wise disk cleanser

Wise Disk Cleaner is another cleaning software that I recommend for you to try. By using this software, you will be able to clean various garbage files contained in your storage. Not only that, you can also set a schedule to clean, so you don't need to use this software manually again because the wise disk cleanser runs automatically according to the schedule.

10. Wise care 365

The last software I recommend is Wise Care 365, this software is a brother for the previous software, Wise Disk Cleaner. By using Wise Care 365, you will be able to clean your storage from disturbing garbage files. You can also improve the system to improve your computer or laptop performance. Not only that, Wise Care 365 also has security features such as privacy protection.