10 Best Video Downloader Apps on IG for Android


10 Best Video Downloader Apps on IG for Android


Blogmagz.com - Application to save videos from instagram. Instagram or IG is the most used social media. This means that almost every gadget user has an IG account to connect with others in the virtual world.

Moreover, people who use IG must know the various uses that can be taken from it. Through Instagram, we can share photo posts, videos, stories, to IGTV that contain daily activities and even about interesting information. We can find interesting things as an insight enhancer from it. Not infrequently we want to save or download the post so that later we can reopen.

10 Best Save Instagram Videos Apps

Now there are many apps designed for Android to iOS users that are useful for downloading something from IG, whether it's a photo, video, IGTV or even someone's story.

1. FastSave for Instagram

The first recommendation is the fastsave for Instagram app that's already widely used. Through the app, you can save any photo or video you find on IG and want it saved in your gallery.

The advantage that the app brings, which prioritizes download quality is well above standard. With HD resolution, you can relish every photo or video with a high level of clarity. In addition it has a better download speed. FastSave also leaves no trace to the account owner that we have downloaded the post.

2. QuickSave for Instagram

Ig video download app that can be used on Android, then there is QuickSave for Instagram. This mobile software offers advantages in terms of speed and ease of downloading until the video is stored in the user's smartphone gallery.

Even this QuickSave has become the best and most downloaded instagram android video download app. The reason is that not only brings the feature of saving videos from IG, it turns out that we can also find photo editing features in it. Of course, this way, the application is very multifunctional by providing a variety of additional features that are more complete according to the needs of Instagram users.

3. Saver Reposter for Instagram

Another application that can be chosen as a medium of video downloader from IG is this Saver Reposter. You can search and download the app on Google Play for free.

It can be said that this one application becomes a good alternative for IG users. Because it's not just about saving photos or videos, users can use it to repost posts to IG captions. The advantages of both features are in accordance with the name of the application. Reposting posts through this app makes it easier for users to get it done faster, without the hassle.

4. Video Downloader for Instagram: Story Saver

This time there are other recommendations regarding free Instagram video downloading app. The IG Downloader video shows its complete advantages. Not only save photos and videos, even stories to IGTV videos can be easily and freely stored.

If you look at the name, we can already know the advantages of this application. This app will take the user to a wider and seemingly infinite experience. Because you can also save posting from a locked or privately set account. From this free downloadable application, we can already enjoy various advantages for our needs in the world of Instagram.

5. XDownloader

Next up is an IG video download app designed by developer InShot Inc. named XDownloader. The app is displayed on the Play Store and can be easily downloaded for free without any obstacles. XDownloader has gained over 100 million downloaders, not without reason. Starting from the completeness to the quality put forward. Through this alternative, you can enjoy multifunctional features, such as saving the desired IGTV impressions.

6. Instdown

Then there's Instdown or Inst Download that you can rely on to get the content you want from Instagram. Please note that this app provides the best user interface, because it is simple and easy to operate.

Even download videos from Instagram through Instdown is instant. No need to bother and worry about how, users simply approach the post to be downloaded. Next look at the content link, then copy and paste the link in the field provided in the application. That way, the app will automatically download until it's finished and the content is saved in your smartphone's gallery. Users also do not have to worry when the phone memory is not enough. Because before choosing to save in the gallery, the content can be stored in the application.

7. HD Video Downloader

If you're looking for an app that can download high quality IG videos, then as the name suggests, Video Downloader HD is reliable and highly recommended. Whether it's IG content in the form of photos, videos, stories, to IGTV, can be enjoyed in clear quality. And rest assured, this app can be on both Android and iOS devices. Once the app is downloaded and the installation process is complete, you just have to open Instagram and if you find the content you want to save.

After that click the content link to copy and copy in the field available in Video Downloader for download. Although it's the leading when it comes to storing high-resolution videos, the app's size is fairly light.

8. Regrann

Regrann app also comes as the best IG post downloader and repost. Content in any format you come across on Instagram can easily be saved in the gallery. Even if you want to repost through the app, the procedure is very simple.

Regrann has a free and paid version. Despite using the free version, users can still enjoy their best features without any constraints. And through the paid version, users can get even more features. Like a download without watermark.

9. Instant Save

If you are looking for an application to save IG videos on a widely used iPhone, then Instant Save is the choice. The app supports users of iOS devices, the features are customized. The way it operates is also easy and almost the same as other similar applications.

If the URL of a post has been copied, paste it in the field provided. From there the system will process the download. The size of this application is not too big, with only 25.1 MB can be installed on your iPhone. Even in the Appstore, Instant Save is getting a fairly high rating.

10. InSaver for Instagram

For iPhone users, this InSaver can also be selected. With a size of 30.2 MB, you can easily download photos, videos, and reposts on IG. InSaver is now popularly used by iOS users, certainly because of the ease and completeness of its features. You can see the rating has reached 4.6 stars as the rating.

Based on the above discussion, we can find out the top recommendations about Instagram video save app, whether for Android or iOS, which is free to paid. And most importantly can download the content of videos, photos, up to IGTV that we want.