Complete Brute Force Tools (Termux Script)


Complete Brute Force Tools (Termux Script)

Magelang1337 - Brute force attacks commonly known as scattering data or information are cryptographic hacking that relies on and guesses from possible password combinations targeted by hackers until the correct password is found. How to hack with brute force will take a long time because this type of attack forces entry using many password combinations that have been created.

Brute Force Attack Example

Brute force attack is used to obtain personal information passwords, usernames using scripts or hacking tools. And here are some examples of Brute Force attacks:
  • Steal personal information passwords, passphrase, and other information used to access online accounts.
  • Harvesting data for sale to third parties
  • Impersonate a user and send phishing links.
  • Deface website 
  • Redirect or redirect the domain to a website that stores malicious content.
This way is labeled as a negative and dangerous attack, brute force attack can also be used for positive profit. Many IT specialists also use brute attack methods to test network security.

Brute Force Attack Type

Each brute force attack can use a different method to uncover sensitive data. Here are some types of Brute Force attacks you should know about:

1. Brute Force Attack Ordinary

Usually, Hackers try to guess your credentials logically without the help of tools or scripts. This method can break into passwords and PINs with a simple combination, for example, a password created like "admin12345"

2. Hybrid Brute Force Attack

Hackers who use this method will combine the outside way with logical guesses to boot in. Hybrid attack mix dictionary and brute force attack. Attacks to find out combo passwords mix common words with random characters. This brute force attack example will include a password such as User1993 or Guest1234.

3. Reverse brute force attacks

Similar to its name, brute force attack reverse operates by reversing an attack by starting a known password. Then the hacker searches millions of usernames until they find a match. Many of these hackers launch attacks with leaked passwords usually available online from existing data.

Tools Brute Force Termux Script

Well here we want to share with the tools that have been created by Ha3Mrx from github. Pentest tools are very complete can be used in linux OS or android termux application. Brute Force Attack options are assorted as:
  • Cisco Brute Force
  • VNC Brute Force
  • FTP Brute Force
  • Gmail Brute Force
  • SSH Brute Force
  • TeamSpeak Brute Force
  • Telnet Brute Force
  • Yahoo Mail Brute Force
  • Hotmail Brute Force
  • Router Speedy Brute Force
  • RDP Brute Force
  • MySQL Brute Force
  • Facebook Brute Force
For how to use it, you can directly type on termux:
$ pkg update && upgrade
$ git clone
$ cd Hacking
$ chmod +x
$ ./
$ chmod +x
$ python
Actually, it's not just Brute Force, there are several other pentest tools that you can try to use such as DDoS Attack and Nmap portscanner.