How to Create a Free Zoom Meeting Link on Android


How to Create a Free Zoom Meeting Link on Android

Magelang1337 - How to make a free zoom meeting link on Android. Since the Pandemic Covid-19, online meetings are now very common. It can be found and the jula is carried out with various circles, ranging from the education sector to companies that do business.

The existence of this meeting or online meeting is none other than the rules that make people unlikely not to travel outside the home if they do not have an urgent interest. This of course aims to suppress the spread of Covid-19 which is currently in Indonesia. However, the existence of Covid-19 is not necessarily a barrier to community activities, because there are several solutions that can be offered. One of them is by utilizing technology as an intermediary for the meeting.

To conduct meetings online, people can take advantage of the various palatform applications available on Android. One of the applications that banyk now uses is the Zoom application. This Zoom app is very helpful for holding meetings online.

How to Create a Free Zoom Meeting Link

For those of you who want to do an activity or meeting, you can use the free zoom meeting link. Zoom meeting link itself is a useful link as a link for an application when opened. Users will also connect with each other using the zoom meeting link

This Zoom meeting link can be obtained for free, but can only last for an hour or 60 minutes of meetings. If you want to use Zoom for a long time, then it is highly recommended to use the paid Zoom service. However, that doesn't have to worry you, because you can create a new Zoom link instead. By using the Zoom meeting link, you can also get the benefits below:
  • Can connect with all users in the same account
  • Can make it easier to have meetings or online meetings
  • Can help facilitate communication
  • Can be used by two people, even up to more than 100 people or users

How to Create Zoom Meeting Link on Android

How to create a zoom meeting link on your Android phone is also one solution for those of you who do not allow to create it on PC. This is of course a good and appropriate solution. Below are ways you can create one:
  1. First, first download the Zoom for Android app
  2. Then, install the app on your device
  3. After that, you can register a Zoom account to be able to create the link. Then, you can select the Sign In menu and fill in some data such as personal email, SSO, Facebook, and also Gmail. You can choose one of these options.
  4. After registering, you can select the New Meeting menu available in the Zoom app. Make sure that you have made settings such as "Video On", "PMI" (Use Personal Meeting ID), and select "Start a Meeting" to start the meeting.
  5. When you have successfully created a "New Meeting", then select "Participants" which is at the bottom of the screen. Select "Invite" and click "Copy Invite Link" so others can join the online meeting.

How to Create a Zoom Link on a Laptop

In addition to creating zoom links on Android, you can also create them on your PC or Laptop. The ways you can do this are:
  1. First, dowload the Zoom Cloud Meetings for PC application and install the application to be able to start a meeting. You can select the "Join Meeting" or "Sign In" option when using it.
  2. Create a Zoom account as a eligibility by using a personal email, Facebook account, or with SSO. Choose what you think is easy.
  3. If you've successfully entered Zoom, you can choose the "New Meeting" option that lets you create a new Room.
  4. Then, you can create a New Meeting Zoom and choose the "Video Meeting Recorder" menu that will display your face and activities on your laptop.
  5. Copy the Zoom Meeting Link containing the Meeting ID and Password located on the "i" icon button in the upper left corner.
  6. You can then share the meeting link with others. You can also find out how to create a zoom meeting link for tomorrow and how to create a scheduled zoom meeting link. That way, you can share it long before the event starts.
The way to create a scheduled zoom meeting link is:
  • Open the "Zoom App" on your PC or Smartphone.
  • Select "Schedule" Menu.
  • Do "Schedule".
  • Select "Add to Calendar".
  • When you're done, click the "Done" button.
  • Next Select "Invite".
  • Lastly "Copy Link Zoom".

How to Share Link Zoom Meeting

Once you know how to create a meeting room online, you'll need to share the link with people who want to join. Therefore, there is a way to share the zoom meeting link to Whatsapp which is very important to know. Among the ways that can be done are:
  • Open the Zoom app and click New Meeting Room. Then select Invite.
  • If so, copy the Zoom Meeting link and open your WhatsApp app
  • Select a group or friend message and Paste the previously copied link. Send us the link and the process is complete.
That's how to create a free zoom meeting link on Android that you can do. Hopefully useful!