Free Download Stick War Legacy (Mod Apk)


Free Download Stick War Legacy (Mod Apk)

Magelang1337 - Even though it is available on the Google Play Store, there are still gamers who are interested in download Stick War Legacy MOD APK, this of course is very reasonable, considering using this mod version we will have many advantages such as unlimited money or unlimited money and so on. Stick War is one of the many high-ranked games and is very popular. The stick war was once a web game, but now there is a cellular version, so you can play it whenever you want and anywhere.

What is the difference between the mod version and the original version of this stick war game? What features will you find in this war-themed cellular game? Although it has received high rankings from the players, make sure you find out more about the stick war first.

Overview of War's Heritage Stick

Stick War: The inheritance available on the Play Store has a size quite large, which is 102MB. Make sure the smartphone or android tab that you will use to play this game has enough internal memory and make sure the Android version is at least 4.4.

Max Games Studios offers a stick war: Legacy as a strategy that you can download for free. But there are some purchases in the application you can make. The price of goods that can be purchased in the application itself varies, ranging from USD 2.49 to 139.99 per item.

Gameplay Stick War Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is similar to the strategy games that you have often encountered. Well, what makes it different from other strategy games is the absence of buildings in this game. In stick war legacy mod apk, you have to collect various resources to produce units. For example, you need a mining tool so you can mine the gold closest to the base. After acquiring resources, you can start summoning various units.Units that can be called vary. You must choose the unit wisely because your resources are limited.

Features Stick War Legacy Mod APK

This stick war: Legacy game brings various features. These features will be very useful to help you win various wars. What features will you find in this strategy game created by Max Games Studios?

War with other countries

In this game, you will play a country called "Order". This country will teach science and peace. In your country, it is not taught that weapons are gods that must be worshiped or praised, this is different from other countries. Some neighboring countries are Archidon who is an archer, Magikill Magic State, Spartons which is a spear country, and a sword which is a sword. Because you are different, these countries will attack your country. To be able to save the order country, there is no other way you can do but attack other countries first and then seize the technology they have.

Features of attack and defense in the game

When playing a bat war: Legacy, you will see 2 statues on the screen. The statue on the left is a statue that represents the order country. The second statue on the right represents the enemy country. How can you attack the country? First, you have to recruit gold miners while collecting money. Money that you can use to buy new troops. 

New troops must be able to attack enemies and defend the country. There are 3 buttons that appear on the top right of your Android. Three buttons are attack buttons, defenses, and backs. Use 3 buttons to defeat enemy forces and maintain the peace of the Order state.

Survival Mode in Stick War: Legacy

The standard mode in this game is survival mode. In this mode, the troops will guard the gold miners. In this survival mode, your troops will attack the enemies, but those who come to your country. Your troops will not attack to the enemy's side.

Attack Mode in Stick War: Legacy

The next mode you can play by using the Attack button. By playing this mode, you will create an army that has been formed to run and attack enemies from other countries. You will win if you can destroy the statue that represents your enemy.

Rewind Mode in Stick War: Legacy

If your troops are under pressure, you can tell the miners and troops to retreat to the castle, then you can use an army of archers.These troops can attack the enemy from their safer position. But make sure the enemy doesn't destroy your status.

Controlling Troops Manually

This game not only provides automatic control. You can also order one of the stickman troops, to take over the war manually. There is a virtual analog feature that will move the stickman of your choice. There is also an action button that will appear when the stickman is selected.

Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK

This mod version game will give you quite a lot of advantages, so you can maximize the game in this game. For those of you who want to download the latest stick war legacy mod apk, then you can download it HERE (Download Stick War Legacy Mod APK)

How to install

If this is the first time you download the application in the APK form, make sure you follow the steps below. All steps below can help you easily install the APK file and then play a stick war: Legacy whenever you want.

  • Enter the settings menu
  • Next you can go to security
  • Search for apps and allow installation from unknown sources
  • Open the download folder
  • Select the stick war legacy mod apk
  • Finally, you only need to wait until the game is successfully installed.

After the application is installed on your smartphone or Android tab, you can start playing Stick War: Legacy which comes with various advantages, namely unlimited point upgrades, unlimited gems, unlocking all characters, upgrading character statistics, and so on.

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The final word

Playing games is indeed something that is very fun. However, for some reasons, players sometimes feel bored, for example, because they don't have diamonds and so on. This mod version is indeed very profitable, but also consider the risks that you can get. Maybe that's all the reviews about stick war legacy mod apk that can convey, have fun playing.