5 Ways take Screenshot On Laptop without App


5 Ways take Screenshot On Laptop without App


Blogmagz.com - Screenshot or capture screen on a laptop does have a variety of ways. From how to press keyboard shortcuts to using applications. How to screenshot on a laptop is also very easy and fast to practice. It's not just smartphones that can capture screens easily. Screenshot or also known as screen capture is a means to capture screen images on a laptop. If you want to save an image or capture an image displayed on your laptop screen, you can take a screenshot to capture a screen image.

So for those of you who might just know that laptops can also do the screenshot process, take a good look at the explanation below. We will explain various ways to do the screenshot or screen capture process on a laptop.

5 Easy Ways to Screenshot on a Laptop Without an App & With an App

There are 6 easy ways that you can use to capture screen images on your laptop. No need to be complicated because the process is quite simple and easy for you to practice.

1. Use the PrintScreen Tombol Button

The first and most frequently used way to capture the screen on a laptop is to use the PrintScreen button. With this button you will capture the full screen on the laptop. All images on the screen will be countered with this button.

  • The first step is to make sure the contents of the screen that you want to capture first. If you have, you can directly press the PrintScreen button on your laptop keyboard. It is located at the top at the very top of the keyboard keys.
  • If you have pressed it for sure, just go to the Paint application. Here you paste the screenshot earlier by pressing CTRL + V. Later the captured image will appear in Paint.
  • You can edit first before saving. You can crop, add text, and others. If it's just click the File menu and select Save. Choose a storage location and rename it as you like.

2. Alt Key + PrintScreen Combination

The second method is still related to PrintScreen but this time it is combined with the Alt key. How is it different from the previous one? If you only use the PrintScreen key, the screenshot will be full, but if it is combined with the Alt key, it will only capture programs that are still active.

  • The method is almost the same as using only the PrintScreen button but you have to determine what program you want to screenshot. If you have hovered your cursor over the program or application of your choice then you press Alt and PrintScreen simultaneously.
  • If you have done that step, just go to Paint and paste the screenshot. You can edit if needed or you can directly save.

3. Using PhotoScape

The next way to screenshot on a laptop is to use the PhotoScape application. Indeed, this application is more famous for photo editing, but other functions can also be used to capture the screen on a laptop. This application is not default from Windows or Apple so you have to download and install this application first. The benefits of the application are many so you will not be in vain if you install the PhotoScape application on your laptop.
  • First of all, make sure the contents of the screen where you want to save the image. After that you just open the PhotoScape application. There will appear various options but you just select the "Screen Capture" menu.
  • If you have selected the menu, the options will appear. Here there are options to capture full screen, capture window, capture area, and also repeat the final capture. Choose what you want or need.
  • After selecting, the contents of the screen will be captured and here you can edit it before you save it.

4. Using the Snipping Tool

Screenshot or capture the screen on a laptop using the Snipping Tool is a method that many people use. Besides being easy to use, there are a variety of unique screenshot options. This application is quite popular for screen capture media. For Windows systems, this application is usually the default application. But if it's not there or you don't find it then you can download and install it first. It is small in size and easy to find on the internet.
  • The first step is obviously you have to determine the screen where you will save the image.
  • Open the Snipping Tool application and select a capture type. In the Menu option you can press the symbol next to the text. There will appear screenshot options ranging from Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Windows Snip, and Full-screen Snip
  • You just choose what you want, if you don't understand, you can try one by one to find out the type.
  • If you have, the screenshot will appear and you can immediately save it. Click the File option then select Save As and save it in the location you want.

5. Using LightShot

Using the LightShot application as a way to screenshot on a laptop is highly recommended for you. By installing this application, the screen capture process will be easier. You can also share screenshots directly from this app.
  • If you have installed this application on your laptop, the first step is to directly press the PrintScreen button.
  • Later you will be immediately faced with a screen where you can adjust the size of the screenshot. You just need to press and drag the side of the screen editor.
  • Customize what you want and once you have it you can start editing the screenshot if you want. If you don't need to edit, then you just save it and automatically the screenshot will be in the default folder, namely Pictures.

Advantages of screen catch on a laptop

If you already know about what methods can be used for screenshots of the screen on the laptop. Of course, you also have to know some screen advantages on the laptop.

1. Easy

Screenshot on a smartphone is very easy but so is it on a laptop. Today there are still many people who don't know how to screenshot on a laptop even though the method is very easy. Besides being easy, you also have many choices of screenshot methods that you can use according to what you want.

2. Many Types

If the screen capture on a smartphone there is only one option, which is to capture all screens in full, it is different from on a laptop. You can determine the type of screenshot you need, for example screenshots of certain sections, full screen screenshots until you can select what you want. There are many options you can use. Various applications also provide very interesting features. In addition to many types, you can also edit screenshots. Adding text, symbols, and colors can be done with the help of various applications.

That's the explanation of how to screenshot on a laptop and a little about its advantages. If you just know many ways to screenshot the screen on a laptop, you can choose which way you think is the easiest and most convenient. Just adjust it to your screenshot needs.