Horror Game Collection Multiplayer Android 2021


Horror Game Collection Multiplayer Android 2021


Blogmagz.com - Android Multiplayer Horror Game. As a lover of horror things, of course you also want to play games with that genre, right? Unfortunately, currently there are so many multiplayer Android horror games that make you confused about which one to play.

Moreover, several multiplayer horror genre games are now starting to be presented. Multiplayer means you can play with other friends, so the fun is even more incomparable. Some horror games are presented with stunning graphics, making gamers feel more pampered with a pleasant display. Especially the storyline of horror games is sometimes able to make the hairs stand on end.

Playing games can make you spend your free time. But don't choose the wrong game, because if you choose the wrong one and get a less fun one, the fun will be reduced.

Recommendations for the Scariest Multiplayer Android Horror Game 2021

Therefore, you should check out a list of some highly recommended horror games below for you to play with friends. What would these recommendations be?

Games Friday Night Multiplayer

Created by developer 2Gamers, this one game also contains an adventure genre that can certainly make you explore the place. You can play by controlling both the victim and the killer.

Games Horrorfield

Another game with stunning graphics, In addition to horror, this game also contains an action genre that is very exciting and fun to play with friends. In addition, Horrorfield is included in the game with the theme of suffering that will scare you. Made by Skytec Games, you will find many interesting features that can stimulate your adrenaline.

Games Murderer Online

Similar to Friday Night Multiplayer, Murderer Online is also a game with a mixed horror adventure genre. This game is made by developer 1Games and is a game that will make you addicted to finish it. There are many kinds of geographical features offered by this game, what's more, there are about 10 assassin characters that you can choose from. You will be in a variety of situations that are tense and make your hair stand on end.

Games Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak

As a lover of horror games in which there are a lot of zombies, then you should try this one game. Developed by GameSpire Ltd, this game will let you survive by shooting zombies. You will be presented with a variety of interesting features with a variety of combat weapons to choose from. Moreover, the storyline of this game is quite tense like zombie games in general.

Games Granny’s House: Multiplayer Escapes

This game that also supports the arcade genre is made by a well-known developer, namely Update Games. You could say, you will feel the sensation of real fear when playing Granny's House. You will be in a house inhabited by a creepy old grandmother and have to get out of the house. Here, there will be various kinds of obstacles and obstacles, besides that you have to run and hide yourself in order to avoid the old granny.

Games Dead On Arrival 2

Another game with a zombie theme that you can play with friends to spend free time. This game contains the action genre and was made by developer N3V Games PTY Ltd. You and your team will certainly find it difficult when completing the missions of this game. Because the zombies that are presented have mutated, getting stronger and faster so that they will overwhelm themselves.

Games Dead Trigger 2

One of these highly recommended games is made by the developer Madfinger Games. Where the storyline is about a deadly virus that you have to fight. Later here you will join with other global heroes to fight people who are infected by the virus. You could say here you have to survive and at the same time do a fight which is not at all easy, so you have to prepare mentally in such a way to stay alive.

Games The Dark Pursuer

Containing the arcade genre mixed with horror, these games from Digital Secrets are absolutely not to be missed. This multiplayer horror game is very fun to play with friends, because you can be and friends can become monsters. As a monster, your friends must be able to catch and defeat you. Meanwhile you have to be able to run away and of course hide so you don't get caught easily.

Games Mental Hospital IV Lite

The graphics are not playful at all and offer a gripping horror atmosphere. Here you will be taken to a mental hospital that is so scary and filled with various monsters and animals.Games made by AGaming will make you feel goosebumps in such a way. Especially apart from the good graphics, there are tons of levels that you can complete with various obstacles.

Identity V

This game is made by NetEase Games, where the developer has presented so many games with good quality. There are many things that you will get from the gothic visual style, random map adjustments, stunning graphics and so on. Because the visuals are so amazing, it is guaranteed that you will be able to feel the sensation of playing a real horror game. This game has also received a pretty good response from game lovers out there.

Of the many games, of course you want to choose an exciting multiplayer Android horror game, right? Well, try some of the games above and feel the excitement for yourself.