How to Open Facebook Forgot Password 2021


How to Open Facebook Forgot Password 2021

Magelang1337 - How to Open a Forgotten Facebook Password and Inactive Number. The Facebook application seems to still be the champion in terms of the number of users, all over the world who are still actively using it as a means of communication. In the era of globalization, you really need the speed of access that you must have, yes, one of them is by communicating, you guys try to compare it ten years or decades before.

Receiving and sending news must be through correspondence, and also wait until a few days later. So you have to make the most of it.The presence of social media such as Facebook. Even though it is from the negative things that are caused, there must be a reason that everything will definitely have its drawbacks and there are also advantages. At this time maybe all of you already have it, a facebook account that is still often used. But what if you yourself, it turns out to be experiencing an obstacle that causes great difficulty. When going to enter an account, or login even though it is in accordance with the rules given by Facebook.

The problem is that you forgot your password, including the Phone Number and Email, almost at the same time you don't remember it. Maybe the result of too much social media, outside the Facebook Messenger application. Then how to Open Facebook Forgot Password And Inactive Number? It just so happens that we have prepared all the simple tricks here.

How to Open Facebook Forgot Password

Maybe it's because you haven't opened your Facebook account for too long, so the result is that you forget your password. Because there are so many busy work and so on.

Take it easy, my friends, we can still handle it so easily, so you just need to follow a few steps from below. Among them, you can use the method that we have prepared, below here, so you don't go far first. And hopefully, at least it can help recover your Facebook account.

1. Using Email Address

The very first trick so that you can open, and enter Login to the Facebook Messenger application when you forget your password. Namely through:
  • Immediately, you visit the settings section and navigate to "Forgot Password".
  • Next is typing in the Email Address section yourself
  • You select the Send Code via Email option
  • Continue to click on the "Continue" button.
  • Now you change to using a new password, but you need to enter it must be easy to remember.
  • So that typing will enter Login, it's easy for you to remember, friend.

2. Using Mobile Number

The next way is to use your own cellphone number, but the one that was registered when you first registered on your Facebook account. Even if the number is inactive or entered in a grace period, blocked and so on. You will still be able to login, if you have actually registered directly at the beginning. The practical steps are:
  • You first go to the Settings section >> Forgot password >> Find your account.
  • Now on the "Recovery" page menu, you just select the "Send code via SMS" option.
  • After that you will get an SMS reply, which contains a "Security Code" by the Facebook Application manager.
  • Immediately, you enter the "security code", into the empty column for FB Account recovery.
  • Only then can you reset, in the form of a new password.
  • Make sure you have to make a combination of "Passwords", namely numbers along with letters so that they are not easily hacked by other people, friend.
  • Now you press a button from “Continue”.
  • It's over, my friends, it's really easy, right?

3. Using Google Account

If you think you use the method above, it turns out that the steps look so complicated. Then you can use this one method, friend, which is to use your own Google account. And the process is quite short, really, and very easy for you to apply. it's just that the google account in question is already integrated, along with your Facebook Messenger Account. If not, of course, it will be difficult, to be able to login again. Well it doesn't seem like it will take too long, maybe you all are starting to wonder how.

This is the simple way using a Google Account:
  • Still the same, you first enter the settings, and navigate to the "Forgot Password" command.
  • Then you select the “Use My Google Account” option.
  • Continue by pressing the button from “Continue”.
  • There it will open soon, regarding the New Tab which will load your Google page
  • Continue with you Login Using Google Account.
  • Only now is the time for you to do a Fb Password Reset, because it will be replaced with a new one.
  • Done..

4. Using Trusted Contact Help

Even if you use a Google Account, in fact you still haven't managed to enter Facebook Account Login. Take it easy, my friends, we will still help you through the last tips. Namely by using "Trusted Contact Help", in order to be able to solve your problem.

As for the methods we have arranged very neatly, below and you just read until finished.
  1. You go to the settings page of "Forgot Password", then you select a command there, namely "Don't Have Access Here Anymore?
  2. Usually its position is at the bottom once.
  3. Furthermore, there you will be given a brief direction, essentially you must include a Trusted Contact Number by directly contacting him.
  4. Continue with you directly open it using the link link, while this link will be provided by the Facebook administrator.
  5. The link just now is intended to be able to send the Security Code that you will use. Reset your password, friend.
  6. This method is appropriate if the incident, your email has been lost or forgotten or your phone number has been lost due to being stolen. And his cellphone fell and was taken away by someone else.
To access your Facebook Messenger Account security code, don't let it be disclosed to other parties. This is strictly confidential, because it will be needed from time to time as an OTP Code Requirement at a later stage.


That was a brief review that Mimin can convey, related to the discussion on How to Open Facebook Forgot Password And Inactive Number. Hopefully it can provide meaningful insight for all of you. Let's end it first, see you next time!