How to Stop Spam Calls on Android. Works!


How to Stop Spam Calls on Android. Works!

Magelang1337 - In today's era there are many ways for someone to get a lot of money in a fast and easy way. One of them is by committing fraud. Many scams carry out their actions through phone calls or SMS. To prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. There are many Android developers who design number blacklist applications to stop fraudulent calls.

The Best Way to Stop SPAM Phones on Android

Now! This time will review how to block phone numbers on Android phones . So, watch carefully, smart friend!

Use Applications " Hiya "

Hiya is one of the apps to block phone numbers designed by Hiya. You can download this application for free on the Play Store . In addition, this application has a size of only about 10 MB .This direct call blocking app is very easy to use. Because this application works automatically to identify callers such as robocalls , telemakerting , debt collectors and fraud.

You can also create a block list that is often annoying or spam . Another feature is that there is a facility to reverse look-up numbers from your call logs .

Now! Here's how to block a number Phone using Hiya application:

  • First , first download the Hiya application on the Play Store .
  • Second , after downloading the Hiya application , you run the application then click " GET STARTED ". Then enter your mobile number and wait for a message to provide a security code. Then enter the 6 security codes and click " Continue ".
  • Third , click the three lines on the top left and then select " Call Blocking ".
  • Fourth , then you can choose the number you want to block , you can enter the number you want to block , the number from the call history, the number from the cellphone contact . For example, select “ Recent calls or texts ”, then click the plus button “ + ” and select the number you want to block .
  • Fifth , the previously selected number will be added to the blocked call list .

In addition, you can also use other phone number blocking applications that you can download for free on the Play Store . Following the application block number Mobile on Android :

1. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer is one of the free phone blocker apps designed by Mister Grouo sro . This application is able to detect spam and fraudulent phone numbers.This application uses a database system from the internet to find out spam and fraud phone numbers . In addition, this application can also add numbers that you want to block manually. You can also block hidden numbers, numbers that come from abroad and can block calls whose numbers are not stored in your cellphone contacts . In addition, this application can also work offline.

2. Truecaller

Truecaller is a free number blocker application designed by True Software Scandinavia AB . This application is able to detect unknown calls. In addition, this application is able to block spam calls and spam SMS . So, by using this application you can filter unwanted calls and only receive calls that are important. So, how are you smart? You tell us how to block numbers Phone easily and quickly. Now! Don't forget to like , comment and share this article so that other smart friends know how to easily block cellphone numbers.

That's how to stop spam calls on Android. If anyone is still confused please comment below.