✔ Epic Games Store Free Game List 2022


✔ Epic Games Store Free Game List 2022


Blogmagz.com - Epic Games Store always provides free access to a number of games every month. In this month, they also provide access to several games and have a theme "Mystery Free Game". Epic Games store offers an interesting option to play to a number of puzzle and strategy games. There are 7 free game titles played during 2022 on the Epic Games Store. Here are the free games that can be accessed in the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Free Game List

1. Spectrum Retreat

The first free game on Epic was The Spectrum Retreat. The game, developed by Dan Smith, won a BAFTA award. First released in 2018, the game is now debuting as a free title that can be played through the Epic Games Store. You'll find 3D puzzle gameplay with horror and suspense elements at the same time.

2. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will have puzzle gameplay from the Bridge Constructor franchise with the deadly threat of the Zombies of The Walking Dead. The game is a solid marriage of the two existing franchises and is an exciting addition to the Epic Games Store.

3. Ironcast Game

Ironcast is a free game on the Epic Store that was added this year. You will find match-three puzzle gameplay and have steampunk and roguelike themes. This game is also expected to be the best strategy game for free in July Epic Games Store.

4. Obduction

In the game Obduction, players will find complex puzzle gameplay. The game also offers Virtual Reality (VR) feature support that adds to the immersive impression. You will be assigned to choose anachronistic Earth artifacts scattered around the world in puzzle gameplay.

5. Offworld trading company

The Offworld trading company has the main gameplay of civilization IV made by Mohawk games. You will find a gameplay similar to the title Mars who survives, the title of the previous Epic Games shop. Here, you will focus on economic competition between different conglomerates and companies.

6. Grid Defense: Awakening

This is one game that closes the Epic Games list in 2022. This game with Tower-Defense Gameplay gives you the task to activate towers or towers. Like other tower-defense games, penetrating the troops are the main threat. So you will attack a group of aliens trying to get into your area.

7. Verdun

Verdun became a FPS game that focused on the history of weapons, battlefield and uniforms in the era of World War II. This game has several game modes such as co-op and Deathmatch.

That's the Epic Games Store Free Game List that we can tell you. If you have any additional games you can add them through comments