How to Download Youtube Video on iPhone/iPad, Successful!


How to Download Youtube Video on iPhone/iPad, Successful!

Magelang1337 - YouTube, who doesn't know this video sharing service? All internet users in the world must know it, including usersiOS device. This time the Blogmagz team will share a tutorial to download videos from YouTube to iOS (iPhone) devices and can be enjoyed offline . There are several ways you can do it, here are 3 options that you can try:

Download Youtube Video on iPhone

1. YouTube for iOS

Actually, since several previous versions, YouTube for iOS has supported video download mode for offline viewing. Here's a complete way to access the feature:

  • Download and open YouTube for iOS. Login with your Google account.
  • Find the video you want to watch and download it. Press the download button at the bottom right of the video.
  • Back to the start page on YouTube for iOS, go to the Account tab > Offline videos. The video you downloaded will appear on that page.
  • For the record, not all videos can be downloaded this way, yes. Depends on the settings and license set by each account owner of the video.

2. Download Via Documents 5 by Readdle

The second way is to use an online video downloader service that you usually find on the internet. But of course you also know, Safari for iOS does not support this mode, right. So we use a little trick, namely using the in-app browser in the Documents 5 by Readdle application. Here's the complete way:

  • Download and open Documents 5 by Readdle.
  • Go to the browser tab. Go to and find the video you want to download. Copy the link to the video.
  • Open another web page with the online video downloader service that you usually use. I usually use the servicethis.
  • Paste ( paste ) the link from YouTube earlier and please download. Select the storage location you want in the Documents 5 app.

3. Download to Telegram Messenger with the Help of @utubebot

The Telegram Messenger application is indeed famous for its various unique bots that can help you get things done. One of them is downloading YouTube videos, via help @utubebot. Here's the complete way:

  • Open the Telegram Messenger application.
  • Add or add @utubebot as your friend.
  • Paste ( paste ) the link of a YouTube video that you want to download. After that, follow some of the questions given. Like videos or just music that you want to download, resolution and how to get the video you want.

The final word

How easy and fast is it to be able to download videos from YouTube to iOS devices? From the 3 tutorials above, which one did you just know and want to try right away? Share in the comments column yes!

Disclaimer : Please use this tutorial wisely. The MakeMac team is not responsible for any violationsTerms of Service from YouTube regarding the matter of downloading videos.