How to install Mikhmon on Android with Termux


How to install Mikhmon on Android with Termux

Magelang1337 - Install mikhmon on android, this time I will discuss about how to install the Mikhmon application to our android cellphones, usually we install the Mikhmon application on PCs / Laptops and even Web Hosting, but we don’t often open the device, and tend to often use cellphones for daily needs.

Therefore I give a complete tutorial on how to install Mikhmon on Android with the help of the Termux application, just like mikhom on a computer / laptop, we use a Local Host from a cellphone which is used as a Mikhmon Web Server. if you don’t know more about mikhom, you can read brief information about mikhom below.

What is Mikhmon Android

Mikhmon is a web-based application (MikroTik API PHP class) to help MikroTik Hotspot management. Especially MikroTik which does not support User Manager. Mikhmon is not a radius server, so it doesn’t have to be active all the time. Mikhmon can be activated when needed or as needed.

With Mikhmon on android, it will make it easier for us to manage our hotspot or voucher system, we don’t have to bother opening a computer / cellphone to be able to monitor our Mikrotik devices. you need to meet the device standards below so that the Mikhmon application can run smoothly and without problems.

Mikrotik Minimum Requirements

MikroTik Router Board Level 4.
Clock speed CPU 650 MHz
Router OS v6.3x.x

Minimum Requirement Android

Ram : 2GB
Internal storage: 32GB 
Support : Termux

How to install Mikhmon on Android with Termux

Make sure your Mikrotik port (8727) is active, before trying the tutorial below.

  1. Download and Install the latest version of the termux application
  2. Open the termux App
  3. Enter the mandatory command code below
pkg update && pkg update -y
pkg install wget -y
pkg install git -y
pkg install curl -y  
pkg install php -y 

Enter the command code to download Mikhmon Version 3 

$ wget 

Enter the command code below to run Mikhmon on Android
$ chmod +x
$ bash

Done, in running Mikhmon in Termux App

Wait a few seconds, until the Web Server Local Host appears, then we open it with the Broswer Application (Google Chrome, UC Broswer)

Go to Site http;// . if you successfully open the mikhmon site, you are finished in the process of installing the mikhmon web on android

Login Mikhmon Default

Username : mikhmon
password : 1234

Mikhmon command code on Android

The following is the command code to run the Mikhmon application on an Android phone.

./start-mikhmon (to run Mikhmon on Android)
./update-mikhmon (Update Mikhmon Version to the latest version)
./remove-mikhmon (Remove Mikhmon program on Android)

if it’s not clear and you don’t understand, you can ask in the comments column below, or contact the admin directly to get help on how to set Mikhmon on termux