7 Ways How to Block Ads on Android, Really simple!


7 Ways How to Block Ads on Android, Really simple!


Blogmagz.com - When browsing the internet or cyberspace, advertisements often appear just like that. Not infrequently some people feel disturbed by the presence of advertisements because they are considered to spoil the atmosphere while playing gadgets. Not only when playing on the internet, but ads can also appear when playing a game or even streaming a certain video. The appearance of inappropriate advertisements is very disturbing and makes users emotional. 

If you feel that ads are so distracting when you're playing with your gadget, then you don't have to worry anymore because there are already several ad-blocking applications.  The appearance of an ad blocker application will certainly help in eliminating ads that often suddenly appear in front of your eyes. If you want to know some of the best ad blocker apps, this time blogmagz.com has put them together.

How to Block Ads on Android

When playing mobile phones, often ads appear that are disturbing. In some cases, such ads can be very dangerous. Some ads are created by pop-up pages that automatically play video or audio clips. In order to escape the distraction, there are a number of ways that can be done, such as blocking ads. Here's how you can do.

1. AdAway

AdAway can be an application that can be used to block various annoying ads.  You need to know that AdAway is a simple ad blocker application that uses a hosts file. Hosts file modification is able to work to send ad requests to which in other words, AdAway app can 'bend' ads elsewhere to make them disappear from user's apps. 

The existing AdAway application can also support custom hosts files, including when you need root access to operate. In addition, AdAway also requires F-Droid which can only be downloaded outside the Play Store. In order to block annoying ads, AdAway can be downloaded for free, but there will be a donation option if users want to donate.

2. AdBlocker Ultimate Browser

AdBlocker Ultimate Browser is more of a browser that comes with an ad blocker feature. Mama needs to know that AdBlocker Ultimate Browser can be used as an alternative feature of Google Chrome which incidentally does not have a built-in adblock feature. Besides being able to block all types of ads, the AdBlocker Ultimate Browser application can also block trackers (android browser with adblock), malware and various potentially phishing sites.  Overall, AdBlocker Ultimate Browser can be useful to do its job well as it brings a lot of extra features. 

3. Adblock Plus

If you feel annoyed with the many ads that appear when using your personal cellphone, then it's a good idea to download the Adblock Plus application. As one of the most popular ad blocker apps, Adblock Plus can work on both rooted and unrooted devices. However, non-root users will have more steps to take when using Adblock Plus. 

Please also note that the Adblock Plus application can work by filtering web traffic in the same way as the web browser extension version.  To get the benefits comfortably, users only need to open the application and then adjust the system settings as needed. If it is adjusted to your needs, then Adblock Plus will automatically work.

4. AdClear

If you are looking for an ad blocker application, AdClear can be an option. AdClear works on non-root devices and is developed by XDA developers.  AdClear can create a VPN to filter incoming ads before they reach the web or app. Apart from that, the AdClear app can also filter out encrypted ads.  

The AdClear application is able to work well over a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data, so it can block all kinds of ads from many types of applications.

5. AdGuard

AdGuard is one that can be used as an ad blocker, especially since it works the same way as Adblock Plus. AdGuard runs as a service capable of filtering traffic while the website is running. Just like Adblock Plus, AdGuard can also be used on non-rooted devices, but it needs some extra settings.

AdGuard will still display the same web traffic tab as the data saver app, GlassWire. The UI brought by AdGuard is also simple with a beautiful Material Design. For AdGuard with the premium version, Mama will get more complete features.

6. Bloch This

Block ads chrome android of the best ad blocker applications that is effective and easy to use.  The Bloch This app uses a similar 'VPN-style method' used by Adblock Plus and AdGuard. Please note that Block This uses DNS blocking because it has a filter. The developers of Block This claim that the DNS blocking method drains less battery. This is because most of the activity is done before the ads reach the users' devices.

7. Unicorn Blocker

Unicorn Blocker can be the last recommendation that can be used in blocking various ads. Sometimes the appearance of ads is so annoying, that it needs to be blocked using certain devices. 

Unicorn Blocker is not only able to block annoying ads, but also prevents pop-ups from appearing. By using this device, Mama can save up to 50 percent of the quota and be able to surf the internet three times faster than usual. When the ads no longer appear, the battery will be up to 21 percent more efficient. Please note that Unicorn Blocker can block ads on more than 1,000 sites ranging from communities, media to blogs. 

Even so, Unicorn Blocker is a bit limited because it can only work in browsers like Samsung Internet and Yandex Browser. Those are some recommendations that can be used as the best ad blocker application.