5 Hacker Software That Is Often Used For Hacking, Works!


5 Hacker Software That Is Often Used For Hacking, Works!


Blogmagz.com - Do you think that all the activities that have been done by hackers are manual? Have you ever wondered about the hacking software used by hackers?

They can no longer disobey if the hacker is really cool. With their ability to read databases and target networks, they can hack whatever they want. In fact, it is not uncommon for many hackers to dismantle the network with even the strongest security. That's why hacker cinema must sell well among millennials like us. Besides being cool, hackers also teach us all if all events can be done. As long as we can do it.

But once, never yes cinema it shows hack software used by hackers when in action. while in fact, there are some software that makes hackers more pro. What is the software hacker ? Follow more yes.

Hacker Pro Software Is Often Used

In the world of hacking, a hacker software has a different focus. However, all of them when collected will be a powerful complete unity!

1. John the Ripper

If you are a fan of action cinema and mistery, it is definitely no stranger to jack the ripper cinema. Cool genocidal cinema abis make the hair of the horn stand up.

But, what happens if there seems to be software called John the Ripper? Yeps, this hack software has a special concentration to break into passwords. in fact, even very complicated passwords can be cracked using this cool application.

The way John the Ripper works is also unique, namely with 'Dictionary Attack'. This application selects a string from the wordlist, then encrypts the password the same as the password that is again cracked. In fact, this application can also exceed all the problems that appear in dictionary attacks.

If you break your mind selecting Jack the Ripper and THC Hydra, finish with a simple solution. John the Ripper is acting offline, while THC Hydra can live when connected inet.

2. Sn1per – Software Hack Scanner

Unlike the first software, try to think what are the benefits of this Sn1per? As the name implies, Sn1per is useful for obtaining enemy weaknesses remotely. Therefore, this one software is a scanner of vulnerable parts of the web.

In particular, Sn1per is equipped with various uses at once. First, this software is very simple to learn and keep updated. Second, there are public who support you either for free or paid plans. This community you can find is Kali Linux.

This software Hacker very popular with its enumeration and scanning skills that wow! So, Sn1per is perfect for those of you who are studying and understand OSCP. Well the best revenue share, we recommend using Sn1per with its companions, namely Metasploit and Nessus.

3. Metasploit Penetration

As a connection or tandem of Sn1per, of course you know the role of this one hack software?

Yes, hackers must know this software. Metasploit is the main choice for removing walls from one system. Its main function is to disguise or change the walls of the system. It is usually called penetration framework.

Most pro hackers use this one software combined with NMap and Wireshark. These three software are available to make any system ravaged. For those of you who are still new to the world of hacking, claim this Metasploit as a mixture of tools and frameworks that you can use to perform various actions. Don't forget also, this one software you must learn when talking about Cybersecurity.

Most of the knowledge about OSCP and CEH is clearly not left behind this one software. In fact, pro hackers also use this Metasploit to run tests of which systems are leaking.

Metasploit also makes it easy for you to prepare important information about system defects. In addition, there are also algorithms that help 'crack' leaks and shortcomings with good functions right from this software. Not to forget, IDS and tactics for exploitation are also presented.

4. NMAP (Network Mapper)

Hacker software that is no less powerful for hacking is NMAP. It can be confirmed, this one hack software is a mandatory software that you must install if you want to hack. If not, of course it will be flawed the results of your hacking.

This software is the most popular free or open source hack software. NMAP is commonly used to obtain network and security audits. Obviously, all security admins around the world certainly use this NMAP to run network inventory, check open ports, compile service upgrade schedules, to monitor uptime from the server.

The way NMAP works can also be said to be complicated. NMAP uses a bland IP address to determine the host presented, the services provided by the host earlier, until the OS or operating system & filter package that is being used.

There are many benefits when you decide to use NMAP. To be sure, you can get a briefing on which networks need patches and which don't need them. So it's no wonder that the average hacker cinema uses NMAP for their operations.

5. Wireshark – Software Hack Monitor

Once out of competitiveness with other software, currently Wireshark may be one of the mandatory software for hacking. Although the function is not so specific, wireshark is certainly a traffic monitoring software. The way Wireshark works is by snaring data packets available on a network. Continuously, the data is displayed based on the human read format.

When compared to the previous version, Wireshark has now grown a lot and looks better. to the extent that its features also developed. Characterized by changes in filters, color coding, and other features that can make you deep dive into traffic data and individual packages. So, if you want a job as a tester or work in Cyber Security, learn wireshark first. There are tons of free and paid courses to learn wireshark.

Hacking, which is considered all manuals, apparently there is exclusive software hacking with different functions. Per software this hack completes other uses so that to hack is not only enough one tool. In addition, you also have to be smart about the basics of the software you use to keep using it more. There are many sources where you can learn for free or for paid. Of course, all of that works if you want to work as a Cyber Security practitioner.

If it's lower class, you can try the Wi-Fi hack application to learn how the network works in general. In addition, you can also learn a little about the world of hacking with the application.