Here! Download Yandere Simulator for PC (Updated 2022)


Here! Download Yandere Simulator for PC (Updated 2022)

Magelang1337 - Everyone of course has their own interests about the games they like. Because everyone's fondness for the games they like can't just be forced. For game series on PC there are also many kinds, ranging from action games, battle games, FPS, simulators, and many more.

One of the most popular types of games is simulator games. Because by playing this game, you can play like a character in the game. If you like games that act as killers but there is a romantic side then you can try to play yandere simulator games.

How Does Yandere Simulator Work?

Like any simulator game in general, in Yandere Simulator you will play a woman who likes a man. But this sense of liking is more a sense of belonging that is very very so that it makes you a psychopath. Where if there are other women who like your crush then you will destroy it.

There is even a chance that you will kill him. The female character in this game is referred to as Yandere. But one thing you should pay attention to when you are carrying out your mission is that you must eliminate evidence of the crimes you committed. Because if not then you could be suspected by the police as the murderer.

Features of Yandere Simulator Games

There are 5 features of Yandere Simulator games that can be tried later, namely:

1. Persistent Reputation

This feature requires you to maintain your reputation while in school. Because if your reputation is bad then other students will stay away from you and be on guard with your behavior. But if your reputation is good then there will be many students who approach and make friends with you.

2. Sanity Level

Although this game requires to get rid of other women who like your crush, you are not allowed to be violent in a conspicuous manner. Because the result could be the level of sanity passed and make the game you played game over.

3. Sanity-Determined Kill Animations

Whether or not the murders you commit are determined by your sanity level. The higher your level, the neater your killing will be.

4. Yandere Vision

You will get a feature called Yandere Vision. Where if this feature is activated then important characters in the game will be displayed even though it is blocked by the wall.

Latest Download Yandere Simulator

The last feature you can try is Panty Shots. This feature allows you to get help from others by sending them underwear. So interested in trying this Yandere Simulator game? If so, download the latest and free Yandere Simulator via the link below:

Yandere Simulator