How to Easily Download Photos on Instagram via PC and Android 2022


How to Easily Download Photos on Instagram via PC and Android 2022

Magelang1337 - Who is not familiar with the current social media platform made by Meta which is full of videos and photos called Instagram. Not infrequently we find a variety of interesting photos that make you want to save it to be seen next time. Of course we are not surprised if there are many people who are looking for ways to download photos on Instagram easily this year.

Saving photos on the Instagram platform is not as easy as other social media that we can right-click and then save on the spot. This is because social media that is still one parent with Facebook does not provide a save or download feature in its platform.

However, there are various ways to download photos on Instagram that you can do, and of course you can execute easily. For that, you can try the ways below, at least you can see it next time.

How to Download Photos on Instagram Via Android

In fact, this Instagram social media platform is indeed more convenient when used on your favorite smartphone. Here we will not give you shortcuts such as screenshots, because it will reduce the quality of photos you want to save drastically.

For that, we need the help of an application called DownloaderForInstagram to download it.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the DownloaderForInstagram app
  • Open the app, and press Next until Home appears from the app
  • Switching to Instagram, you can copy the link by pressing the triple dot icon at the top right, and then clicking Link
  • Go back to the DownloaderForInstagram app, and then press Download
  • Done, you have managed to donw upload photos on Instagram via Android
Not to forget this application gives you the convenience to download various images directly from Instagram, but you must subscribe before you can enjoy it. However, the free feature presented by this application is more than enough as a way to download photos on Instagram effectively.

How to Download Photos on Instagram via PC

As one of the social media, it doesn't feel strange if someone accesses Instagram through a PC or laptop. Of course, just like a smartphone, you can't right-click and then 'Save As' is as easy as expected. The screenshot option is not effective because the photos stored sometimes have a quality that is too burik, making it unattractive.

For that, do not forget we present how to download photos on Instagram via PC below:
  • You can access sites like iGram
  • Then enter the link from the Instagram photo you want to save, and then press Download
  • Wait a while, because your request is being processed by the system
  • Images ready to download with resolutions up to 1080P
  • It should be noted that the image extension is .webp and you may need additional tools to view the photos you downloaded earlier.
  • For that, you need codecs from WebM that you can download here.
  • The installation process is not difficult, because you only need to press Next until it is completed.
  • When you're done, you can already open the photo with .webp extension as usual

End of Word

That's how to download photos on Instagram via PC and Android that you can do. With a few easy steps above, you can already save valuable photos that will not be timeless easily.