Download Visual Studio Code 32 / 64-Bit (Latest 2022)


Download Visual Studio Code 32 / 64-Bit (Latest 2022)

Magelang1337 - This software is a lightweight and reliable text editor created by Microsoft for multiplatform operating systems. Also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows versions. Directly this text editor supports JavaScript, Typescript, and Node programming languages.js, as well as other programming languages with the help of plugins that can be installed via the marketplace.

This software can help the needs in working on a project and side jobs encountered every day, for example helping with web application development, migrating web applications from old programming languages to JavaScript-based frameworks and Node JS.

Visual Studio Code Features

This software can be used to develop software in the form of a machine language that runs on top of Windows. Visual Studio Code is also used by Microsoft Intermediate Language above the NET Framework.

This software is one that is often used by programmers, and becomes one of the languages that must be learned by various circles, if they want to succeed in the computer world. So, if you are struggling in the computer world, try this software for success in the field. You will benefit a lot from the features contained in the software.

Visual Studio Code provides quite a lot of features, including Intellisense, Git Integration, Debugging, and extension features that add to the capabilities of the text editor. Where these features will continue to grow as the version of this software increases.

Updates are made periodically every month, and this is what distinguishes VS Code from other editor-text editor text. The source code of VS Code is also open source, which you can see and can also contribute to its development. This makes VS Code a favorite of software developers.

This software can be used directly without the need for extensions as long as the programming flow is supported directly. However, there are some flows that are not supported directly such as the use of code snippets and Intellisense capabilities that are still lacking. The extensions are made by many third-party developers who are also contributors to Visual Studio Code where the extensions can be seen in the extension market.

Download The Latest Visual Studio Code

VS Code users can select the desired extensions as needed in the extension market, the majority of which are free. The Extension Market contains additional snippet code capabilities for specific programming languages, development workflows, additional VS Code feature capabilities, color themes for VS Code, and others.

Installation of the extension can be done directly within the VS Code. The trick is to access the Extensions menu (Ctrl + Shift + X), then search for the extension by typing the name of the extension in the search box. Although visual studio code is fairly new and has not long appeared, but its existence and benefits are very influential for the computer world that you are engaged in. Download the latest and free Visual Studio Code via the link below:

Visual Studio Code >> DOWNLOAD NOW (32bit)
Visual Studio Code >> DOWNLOAD NOW (64bit)