How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever 2022 (Android/PC)


How to Get Spotify Premium Free Forever 2022 (Android/PC)

Magelang1337 - Spotify is an online music streaming service, this application makes it very easy for us to find and listen to millions of songs from all over the world. Usually first if you want to listen to songs on your mobile phone, you have to download songs or copy songs from CDs and save them to our mobile phone memory. With the Spotify app we don't have to bother using such a way anymore.

Spotify VS Other Music Apss

Spotify will also not waste the memory capacity of our mobile phones because the song is stored online, it's just a waste of your internet quota. For this reason Spotify provides an offline mode feature by allowing its users to be able to download the songs we like. By downloading the song we can save the quota or save our favorite songs.

But unfortunately Spotify is a freemium service, that is, you can listen to music but not all songs can be played, free users are given the limitation to play all songs and also cannot download the songs. As for users who subscribe or pay will be able to use all these features, namely playing all the music (shuffle play) on Spotify.

How To Get Spotify Premium For Free Download

This tutorial is only for Android smartphone users.

  1. Uninstall spotify app on your Android.
  2. Download and install Spotify that has been modified in the following link.

Link Download Spotify Premium MOD Android >> **HERE** 
Link Download Spotify Premium MOD PC >> **HERE**

Mod APK Spotify Feature

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect 
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet 
  • Seeking enabled 
  • unlimited shuffle 
  • Choose any song Extreme audio unlocked 
  • Repeats enabled 
  • Ads blocked

Spotify Premium Explanation

 How to Get Spotify Premium Free MOD

The status of the account after logging in remains 'free', but you can use its premium features (unless downloading songs cannot). If after updating to the latest version of Blogmagz, experiencing the appearance of the list of songs not visible or can not be shuffled please do logout and clear data on the Spotify application. This modified Spotify app can play all songs or open all song access (unlock all songs) but cannot download songs, to be able to download songs into offline mode you still have to have a premium account.

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