Download Game Varmintz Deluxe for Laptop/PC (Free)


Download Game Varmintz Deluxe for Laptop/PC (Free)


Varmintz Deluxe is a game about the adventures of five raccoons. These North American mammals roam from location to location, even to urban areas, to collect eggs that are scattered everywhere and carry all of them to their nests.

Along the way, the five raccoons face many obstacles, from plants blocking their way to other animals that threaten their safety. To deal with all that, they have to be agile, but sometimes also have to be patient in waiting for the opportunity to make a move.

About Varmintz Deluxe Game

There are 10 worlds available for you to explore inside Varmintz Deluxe. Each world is divided into six levels. Suburba Derbia and Western Ambush are two worlds that you can explore immediately once the game starts, while the next 8 worlds can only be entered after you have escorted the five raccoons to their nest safely in the previous world.

Your journey will be full of obstacles. Thorny plants, wooden fences that cross, electric fences, roaming animals, people going back and forth, rivers that stretch, and so on.

The urban areas, as you will explore in level 12, are full of cars passing by at different speeds. Hand agility in controlling a raccoon is very necessary, but patience is also important when dealing with certain situations, for example when surrounded from all directions so you have to calculate your steps carefully.

To minimize risk, you can ignore eggs that are located in dangerous places because you don't have to take all of them to the raccoon's nest. Each egg you find along the way, is worth 1000 points. For every 50 eggs you collect, you will get an extra life.

Extra lives can also be obtained by picking up gold in the shape of a raccoon's head. Each gold is worth one extra life. Checkpoints are another item you need to look for. If you fail halfway, you can start again at the location marked by the item, so you won't start over.

Download Game Varmintz Deluxe for PC

Potion is a type of item that will make you immune for a while so that no enemy can hurt you. Enemies can also be incapacitated by taking the Ice Cube. For 5 seconds, all your enemies will freeze in their respective places. Clocks are items that have no effect on the game, but they can increase your chances of getting extra lives.

For every Clock you take, you will get an additional 5 seconds of time in the bonus round. That way you have more time to collect the 50 eggs which are a condition for adding lives. Download the latest and free Varmintz Deluxe game for Windows PC via the link below: