Download Room Planner APK for Android (Latest 2022)


Download Room Planner APK for Android (Latest 2022)


The development of technology has indeed made it easier for us to be able to carry out various interesting activities, with various kinds of facilities offered. The use of technology itself, is for the convenience of humans in working. With advanced technology, we can easily realize what we want.

In the realm of work, for example, you may not be aware that the tools used have advanced technological capabilities. Therefore, it is often not realized that we have used technology on a daily basis.

For example, by trying to make furniture designs in your home. First, we just need to imagine and try to match the room with the household appliances that we are going to buy.

However, now you can easily determine the design of home furniture by using the Room Planner application. Room Planner is an application equipped with AI technology, to easily design your room.

By using Room Planner, you can make choices in choosing interesting home decorations. So, are you interested in trying Room Planner? Let's take a look at the interesting reviews below!

Room Planner Features and Benefits

Room Planner is an application with AI capabilities that is simple, but still useful. With this application, you can create a room with a variety of decoration options. So, you can determine what decorations are suitable before finally deciding to buy.

This application will later scan the selected room that you scan, now it will be displayed in 3D that looks realistic. Having this excellent visualization capability, of course, is thanks to the AI ​​technology used by the company.

Interestingly, Room Planner can be a tool that makes it easier for you when designing rooms and houses. So, you can consult the architect about the design of the house and room you want.

You can also add several options such as adding wall colors, wall decorations, types of frames, and other furniture that you can choose. They are available at various furniture stores such as IKEA and inForma.

So, interested in using Room Planner? Here are some other facilities that you can use, including the following:

Offline Mode

Room Planner itself is available in Offline mode, but you have to use Online mode when you want to add a room with various kinds of furniture or furnishings. This is because you have to use an internet connection when accessing furniture in various stores.

Catalog Options

Room Planner itself has at least 5,000 more catalogs containing interesting furniture from various furniture stores such as IKEA. So, everything is actually available for you to buy.


If you are confused and new to using Room Planner, you can look for room references by using the various templates provided for free in Room Planner.

Download Room Planner Latest APK

To be able to share the results of the design and consult directly with your architect. then you can use the rendering feature, you can save the design results by rendering in HD quality.

Room Planner offers advantages as an attractive application that you can use to design the interior of a room, even a house with more efficient convenience. With this application, you can determine the type of furniture to the color of the room more efficiently. You can get the latest Room Planner download link below: