Game Hero Wars Facebook for PC and Mac


Game Hero Wars Facebook for PC and Mac


Are you looking for a link to Download Game Hero Wars Facebook on PC? Don't worry because we have prepared a complete review of the game itself. So you have to keep reading this article!

Hero Wars is a pretty fun RPG with Diablo-like visuals. Here, you control a group of heroes who must prevent the apocalypse due to the appearance of hundreds of creatures from another world, namely the underground.

Like other idle RPGs, your role in Hero Wars is only that of a bystander. Battles are automatic, although you can choose to interact during the war by touching one of the hero portraits to activate their special abilities when they are full. Each war you win gives you coins and materials that can be exchanged to upgrade your hero character or create new, more powerful gear.

As your hero war story progresses, you will unlock many new heroes to help you on your adventure. Recruiting new heroes is very important to get through the most difficult areas here, because the adventurers who have been with you from the start will be weak.

Hero Wars doesn't really bring anything new to this genre. However, this game manages to offer decent quality in every aspect and is an alternative for fans of this genre.

Get to know the Facebook Hero Wars Game

The first game The Guardian is under attack by a horde of evil demons and you must try to save him! You can see all the cities from the base and strategize for the next steps to save Aurora. Walk through the hold and appear in Warfield.

Terrible creatures arrived in your city, leaving a trail. You need to destroy these terrible creatures and get special gifts and skills that can increase the strength and character of the avatar.

Features of Games Hero Wars Facebook

  1. It has very easy gameplay to understand and master.
  2. Has a special skill that allows you to activate more powers when you need them.
  3. You can control a team of war heroes for weak jobs and take out the evil demons and their monsters together.
  4. Includes puzzle tasks to tackle that reward you, build a strong team, and buy cool stuff from the shop.
  5. You can upgrade your war heroes for more power and abilities and increase your chances of winning.
  6. You can slash, shoot, and whip your enemies to free the city from the menacing demons and their evil deeds.

How to Play Facebook Hero Wars with Bluestacks

If you want to play this game via PC it's very easy. the way to do it you have to use bluestacks. What's that? Bluestacks is an emulator that runs through a PC which is the main focus, namely to make popular games on smartphones not only playable on cellphones, but also other devices such as laptops or computers.

Advantages of playing Hero Wars Facebook via Bluestack:

  1. Can use Scripts : In Hero Wars - Ultimate RPG Heroes Fantasy Adventure, you can automate repetitive tasks using BlueStacks Scripts. Players can perform the actions they want to automate by writing a series of commands.
  2. Can play multiple games : Multi-instance feature makes it even more fun! This allows players to do more! Players can build empires, collect resources, etc. Play the same game using different accounts by activating multiple instances!
  3. Macros Mode: This feature allows you to stay comfortable playing and not be boring and focus on the interesting part of the game! Play the game Hero wars with Macros. Create recordings as you complete monotonous tasks you want to automate and replay them later with the click of a button!
  4. Can use Subtitles : You can play Hero Wars – Ultimate RPG Heroes Fantasy Adventure in local languages ​​with Bluestacks. All you need to do is press CTRL+Shift+Land select the language of choice!
  5. Can Enable Highest FPS : Enable highest FPS setting and enjoy better animations and gameplay.

Download Game Hero Wars Facebook

If you already understand about the Hero Wars Facebook game and the advantages of playing with bluestacks, now is the time to download the game and the bluestacks. Here is the link that we have prepared.

Download Link Game Hero Wars Facebook + Latest Bluestacks (PC) **HERE**

Please download using the link we have provided above. Next is how to install or install the game.

How to Install Facebook Hero Wars for PC

Want to enjoy other favorite games besides Hero Wars with the best graphic quality and exclusive features? That is easy! check in full below:

  • Download and Install android emulator, Bluestacks on PC.
  • Open the Bluestacks app and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Sign in to google account to access pre-installed playstore in bluestacks app.
  • Click the on icon in the top right corner of the bluestacks homepage and type Hero Wars.
  • From the search results, select the option, Hero wars: Mens Choice Epic Fantasy, then Install.

When the installation is complete, Click the Hero War icon to open and start playing & fighting against the terrible creatures that disturb the peace of the city!


You will be impressed how much fun it is to play your favorite games on the best bluestacks platform. By using bluestacks, you will be able to enjoy Facebook Hero Wars Game on a wider screen and with more control. Good luck!