Download the Latest Wickr Me 2022 (Free Download)


Download the Latest Wickr Me 2022 (Free Download)

Talking about chat software, currently there are many software that you can use both desktop and mobile versions. The function of the software is clear, which allows you to communicate with others more easily.

Maybe you are familiar with names like Yahoo, BBM, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and others. While WhatsApp became a very famous chat software. Almost all Android and iOS users make it the main software to communicate.

WhatsApp is also available a desktop version with a look that is not much different. You can use the software not just for sending messages. You can send files such as photos, videos, documents, or other files.

However, recently there are not a few messeging software users who are worried about the security system of the softare. The reason is because there is a lot of important data and information that others can potentially track. That is, there is actually no guarantee of security for the confidentiality of each user.

Therefore, Wickr Me is here as a solution. This is a powerful messeging software. Software that will provide the best protection for the data of each user. You can communicate with anyone more freely without worrying about the security of the data you have.

Features and Advantages of Wickr Me

The advantage of Wickr Me software is that it provides software that allows users to send encrypted messages. In addition, this software also has the ability to delete the contents of messages and data on someone's device.

You can set the feature automatically. Then all messages will automatically disappear once you finish communicating. Wickr Me software is available for free so downloading it doesn't cost anything.

Wickr Me Software has also sent out as many as more than 1 million messages every day. Its users are spread across 190 countries. Wickr Me claims that its users have a high loyalty to the software. This is because Wickr Me always tries to keep users confidential. Wickr Me has several features, including:

  • Wickr Me allows you to communicate with other users securely
  • This software is capable of sending encrypted messages
  • In addition, there is a feature where messages you send will be automatically deleted on the user's device
  • Available for various devices with OS such as Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Has a small size so it does not burden the performance of the device

Download the Latest Wickr Me

That's all the explanation about the Wickr Me software. Indeed, you can download it for free. But for professional use then you need to spend some money to upgrade Wickr Me to the premium version.

The premium version has many advantages, including the security system which will be more and more. Download the latest and free Wickr Me via the link below: