How to Fix Broken Links in Blogger, Simple!


How to Fix Broken Links in Blogger, Simple!

How to check broken links or dead links on the blog - The broken link referred to in this article is a broken link or a 404 error URL contained on the blog, it could be that the broken link is in the article, comment, footer, sidebar, header and others on the blog page. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss more about how to overcome or fix broken links in the blog.

But before fixing broken links, it's a good idea to first know the characteristics of broken links and some of the causes of link errors contained in our blog. The characteristics of a broken link contained in a blog are when someone clicks on a link or the link we create on the blog shows or redirects to a blank page or HTTP error 404 and the like.

While the causes of broken links that occur on blogs in general there are 2 causes, namely:

  • Causes of broken links or broken links on the blog due to Internal errors
  • Causes of broken links or broken links due to External errors

The cause of the occurrence of broken links due to internal errors is that we ourselves have made these mistakes by creating the wrong link or links, may be accidental or forgotten. The cause of the occurrence of broken links due to external errors may be made by outside parties either deliberately or because they forgot and made the wrong link embedded in the comment column.

If broken links are left alone, it may increase a lot, because our tendency is to forget and khilaf, of course gradually the blog will experience a decrease in performance both in the eyes of users and search engines, and at worst the visitors no longer want to open our blog.

And by knowing the causes of broken links on blogs, in the future we will be more careful in creating links on blogs so that information seekers are no longer disappointed because they find empty pages.

To fix broken links contained in blogs, we must know where the broken links are located. If you check it one by one, all the broken links on the blog, well, can involve many people, especially if the articles are in the hundreds, you can imagine how tired it is, you must ask for mercy.

But don't worry because to find out the location of broken links on blogs or broken links on blogs there is an online web that can help quickly to find out the location of broken links on our blog, namely by checking them at Broken Links Checker.

How to Check Broken Links on Blogs

To check broken links on blogs, the first step is to enter broken link checker After the Broken Link checker page opens, please follow the next method below:

  • Enter your blog URL into the text box provided.
  • Enter the Security Code listed there into the text box provided.
  • Check the word Report Distinct Broken Links Only.
  • The last step, please click the article Find Broken links Now.
  • Let it stand for a moment, waiting for the process of checking broken links to take place.

After the broken link checker page opens, it will be shown the existence of a broken link contained in our blog on the menu or writing on the broken link checker page, as written below:

  • URL: If clicked it will lead to an article in which there is a broken link. To fix or delete it, please look at your article where there are broken links, and click one by one the links in the article. After finding the broken link then delete or fix it and replace it with the correct link.
  • SCR: Usually if this article is clicked it will immediately lead to a broken link.
  • COMPLETED: Indicates the number of broken links contained in the blog.

How to find out broken links on the blog or replace and delete broken links that are on the blog has been completed, but there is still a little junk, namely HTTP error 404 still appears on the crawl error page in the Google webmaster tool.

Even though the HTTP error error 404 found in Google webmasters only need to cache it. But it still has to be removed so that it is clean to the root. To find out more about removing HTTP error 404 in Google webmasters tools (Google Search Console)