Invoice Template: Download Invoice Template In Excel format and PDF


Invoice Template: Download Invoice Template In Excel format and PDF

An invoice template is a document that lists the products and services your company provides to customers and contains information about the customer's obligation to pay the business for those products and services.

This document is especially important for small businesses because invoices are business documents that allow companies to get paid for their services. The easiest way to create an Invoice is to use a Word, Excel, or PDF template that you can download for free.

The templates provided can save you time so you don't have to enter the same information every time you create an Invoice.

What is the Function of an Invoice?

Invoices are used as source documents for accounting. Invoices are useful for recording all sales transactions that the company makes with its customers.

For small businesses, Invoices help speed up the payment process by providing customer notification of payment due. For customers, Invoices provide organized expense records with detailed details and can help with accounting.

Invoices are used by businesses for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Request timely payment from the client
  • Track sales transactions
  • Inventory tracking for businesses selling goods
  • Forecasting future sales using historical data
  • Accounting for business income for filing tax returns
  • Effective management of micro and small enterprises.

Components Included in the Invoice Template?

Invoicing simplifies the management of products and services received by customers. This document is also important because it will be used to calculate the profit of the business. You can customize the type and format of invoices according to your transactions and business. However, in general, the Invoice component contains the following:

  • Serial account number
  • Purchase order / order number
  • DO/SJ or DO/F transaction number code
  • Item details
  • Subtotals
  • Discounts (subject to availability)
  • Shipping costs (if any)
  • VAT charges
  • total cost

Examples of Excel, Word and Pdf Invoice Templates

Below is an example of an invoice in excel, word and pdf format that you can download!

Excel Invoice Template

A free professional Invoice Template for Excel that's ready to be edited and sent to your clients! Download the .XLS file and edit it offline with Excel, or edit and print a template.


  • Create professional invoices in seconds
  • Professional design to impress your clients
  • There is no need to register.
  • Edit templates online with Zoho Sheet!
  • Automatic calculation of subtotals and totals

Invoice Template 1.xlsx

A mix of thin black separators, blue tabs, and blue gridlines makes this perpetual invoice form resemble a notebook. The standard layout with left-aligned billing details and requirements is consistent with formal paperwork, although the lightweight design touches on this template provide even more appeal.

Size: 178 KB
Downloads: 26693
Download: Notebook Excel.xlsx
Uploaded: 2016-07-25 12:15:00 / 11601

Template Invoice 2.xlsx

Professional fonts pair with traditional business colors to create perpetual invoice templates that suit businesses of all sizes and types. The logo for your brand, preferred payment options, and recipients give the template a modern look to match the clean layout.

Size: 195 KB
Downloads: 8993
Filename: Banker-Blues-Excel.xlsx
Uploaded: 2016-07-25 11:49:00 / 11586

Template Invoice 3.xlsx

Bold serif fonts and bold separators give this business invoice a personal feel. The light blue tab shows categorical banners and payment terms for optimized organizing and readability. The information hierarchy is consistent with traditional invoices, but the personality contained is absolutely unique.

Size: 178 KB
Downloads: 10063
File name: Banner-Blocks-Excel.xlsx
Uploaded: 25-07-2016 11:45:00 / 11577

Choosing the Right Invoice Template

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven age, providing handwritten invoices is strongly discouraged. In addition to being time-consuming and error-prone, keeping paper copies can cause clutter and loss of information. There is a large selection of free and paid invoicing software available, including Microsoft Office. When choosing the right one for your business, you should consider the following factors:

Your Needs and Wants – Carefully identifying the capabilities and features you need and want in your invoice template Download can help you set a budget, narrow your list of providers, and avoid overspending on unnecessary bells and whistles.