Wordle Releases Updates, Synchronous Player Data


Wordle Releases Updates, Synchronous Player Data


One of the famous web games, Wordle, has now expanded their reach by making updates. Its capabilities are now being run on a variety of different mobile devices, with the same game, Monday (18/7).

Previously, it was known that players could not play Wordle with a fairly good synchronization. Where, players are easy in losing game data when they restart running Wordle.

Whereas, when players try to restart their phone, Wordle will automatically reset it from scratch, even the game data cannot be saved. This invites discomfort, where Wordle does not have sufficient synchronization features.

Reporting from The New York Times, later wordle developers will soon release a new feature that can provide synchronization between the different devices. Meanwhile, the developer also said that there will be some other additional features that will be added.

However, indeed the most interesting thing is to log in using a different device. Just imagine, players don't have to be upset when their game data is not stored properly when exiting the app.

Latest Look at Wordle Web Games

Later, players can run the game, pause, and save. After that, players can log in using different devices, and continue their game with excellent synchronization.

Although it cannot be run for all phones with the Android operating system, some phones are counted as having received this latest update. Since July 16, Wordle stated that they will continuously expand their reach to be able to make updates on mobile phones.

Users can play games in Wordle by logging in or registering using a Google account, Facebook, Apple IDE, to a New York Times account. The process will take place very easily, with an internet connection.

On the other hand, Wordle is known to be an independent or stand-alone project, but has now been purchased by the New York Times in early 2022. The existing games have attracted up to millions of users in America, getting the latest updates to increase the efficiency of playing games will certainly be very good.

Now, Wordle players are smoother in playing games and storing data on the games they play. Also, it is provided with effective synchronization to play and continue the games using different devices.