Download Browser LockDown Respondus 2022 (Full Features)


Download Browser LockDown Respondus 2022 (Full Features)


If you become a browser that can be used for educational needs, then now there is a browser that can be used for educational needs in schools. Of course, nowadays, the existence of computers is one of the important factors to support the needs of education and science in schools.

There are many schools that ultimately use computers, as one of the best facilities for schools. Of course, this is to support the productivity of each student. Many schools use computers as one of the facilities that make it easier for students to be able to access the internet, of course, to find out about the assignments given.

Some international schools also use computers in one of the requirements for conducting national exams, of course, it would be helpful, considering that by using a computer, you can easily set time limits and reduce students doing cheat sheets.

However, what happens if the student uses the internet to find answers to questions that arise? To avoid this, you just need to equip the school computer with the Respondus LockDown Browser software.

Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser, which allows its users to be unable to copy text, links, URLs, or access other applications while they are in use.

Interesting Features of Respondus LockDown Browser

In this increasingly sophisticated era, there are many ways to be able to access information, one of which is by using the internet network. However, at certain times, we have to rely on the ability to think to be able to answer various questions, one of which is when we are taking an exam.

Computers are one of the tools that are widely used when conducting exams in various schools and universities. To be able to avoid cheat sheets from students, the Respondus LockDown Browser is very important to use. By using this browser, you can minimize students from being able to access the internet and copy answers.

Interesting and sophisticated isn't it? For more details, here are some other interesting advantages of the Respondus LockDown Browser software, see below!

Data Security Assurance

Respondus LockDown Browser is a software created specifically for students, using this software you cannot copy text, URL, or open other websites. This software will not monitor or record any activities of its users.

Test Needs

Respondus LockDown Browser is a browser that can be used for the needs of various tests such as exams, this software will use camera access and voice recordings to record students so as to avoid cheating during exams or tests.

Browser Menu

Respondus LockDown Browser only has a few menus, here you can only use the Refresh, Forward, Back, and Stop features. So, you can't use other features to cheat during the test.

Displayed Full Screen

Interestingly, The Respondus LockDown Browser is very capable when used for student exam tests, students can't even minimize the appearance of the browser, so the test process will continue to run without giving a lag time.

Download the Latest Browser LockDown Respondus

Therefore, for those of you who are confused about how to use a browser for educational and educational needs, then we recommend using the browser service from Respondus LockDown Browser.

Respondus LockDown Browser will help you to use technology as a way in the process of exams or tests in schools using a computer. Download the latest and free Respondus LockDown Browser for Windows via the link below: