Download Google Chat App Android & PC, Along with Explanation!


Download Google Chat App Android & PC, Along with Explanation!


Google announced that it is entering the final stages of migrating from Classic Hangouts to Google Chat for Google Workspace customers (formerly known as G Suite). Starting March 22, 2022, Google Chat will be the default chat platform for customers who are still using the Hangouts app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Currently, the Google Chat app is available in 2 ways integrated directly into Gmail which requires manual activation, and there are separate apps on Google Play and the App Store. The transition from Hangouts to Chat has been going on for some time, and users can already see the changes. Notably, users can also see hint alerts about upcoming changes. Check out the full review further.

Familiar with the Google Chat App?

Google Chat is a messaging application from Google with various features for conducting conversations through applications and accounts integrated with Gmail. Google Chat is now a hot topic as the app replaces its predecessor, Google Hangouts.

Google Chat is a secure communication tool built to provide simple business communication within the Google Workspace ecosystem. With Google Chat, your team can collaborate via text, build collaborative chat rooms, share documents, deliver presentations, and host web meetings.

In a blog post google explains that will continue to function. It is impossible to avoid changes. However, when users access classic Hangouts in Gmail on the web or in the classic Hangouts mobile app, they are redirected to Chat. Starting March 22, 2022, the final transition will take about 3 weeks.

What about Google Hangouts? The answer to this question is simple, but the process is a little more complicated. Google has made major improvements to its Workspace site, which includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Chat, and more. As a hub, Gmail aims to be the primary hub for integrated services like Chat and Meet, meaning users don't have to download separate apps anymore. However, the standalone app will give you access to more settings as well as its features.

For part of the update, Google Chat is available to all customers, both regular and paid subscribers. Previously, the Chat app was only available to paid customers (Google Workspace).

Full Features of Google Chat

Google Chat has some useful features. The software uses the predictive text option to reply automatically. For example, if a colleague says "Good afternoon," Google will give you a list of appropriate answers, such as "Hello, how are you?"

After you create a chat, you can share spreadsheets and documents from Google Drive. Each participant will later be able to access these files through Google Docs.

Not only that, but things like video conferencing links can be added very quickly through the chat UI. Once you join a chat, Google Chat will provide a clickable meeting for colleagues to use.

What is the difference between Google Chat and Google Hangouts?

Google Chat is an intelligent communication app for teams that uses live chat in Google Hangouts and extends it to reflect the way modern teams talk about business. As such, Google Chat is similar to the evolution of Hangouts. It provides the same one-to-one communication, but extends it to be more effective in the business context.

Important features in Hangouts, such as read receipts, video and audio conferencing, and image sharing, are available through Chat. And also that, the standard features are more powerful and collaboration-friendly. It also includes:

  • Team Chat Channel: The conversation becomes a space in Google Chat. Slack users will find this like a channel feature. With meeting rooms, your team will have a centralized location to share files, delegate tasks, and communicate throughout the project cycle. There is also a message thread for those who want to delegate individual tasks to specific team members.
  • Greater video chat capacity: With Hangouts, you're limited to 10 participants, but chat extends this capability with its payment structure. With paid features, your Google Chat will have up to 250 participants for any video chat.
  • Google Meet integration: This is probably one of the better chat features. When you want to schedule a meeting, you can simply mark Google Meet as a meeting participant. After that, you just need to mention the date of the proposed meeting and the calendar appointment will be created automatically.

Download Google Chat App

Beforehand, make sure you have a good network so that you can download quickly as well as smoothly. Pay attention to the storage space of your smartphone device, make sure it is enough. 

Google Chat App (Android) Download Link >>> HERE

Google Chat App (PC) Download Link >>> HERE

It's quite easy, isn't it easy to download the application on your phone? 


While not as well known as solutions like Slack or Microsoft Teams, Google Chat is software that simplifies how teams communicate. It's easy to share and collaborate on information and documents with hundreds of colleagues. This is a cheap option, especially if you're already a Google Workspace customer.

Thus the discussion about Download Google Chat App for Android and PC complete with explanations. Thank you for reading this article to the end. May it be useful!