Download latest Krita 2022 (Free Download)


Download latest Krita 2022 (Free Download)


The increasing weight and expensive Adobe Photoshop has made some users turn to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) alternatives such as Krita for digital painting, animation and sketching. Users who are familiar with Photoshop will not encounter any difficulties in using Krita because of its similar appearance.

Krita is a software that was born from the hands of the KDE community based on the spirit of FOSS and has been developed since 1998. Armed with the spirit of sharing, Krita can eventually become one of the popular open source software in the world of digital art.

Features and Advantages of Krita

More than 100 brushes

Inside Krita, there are brushes for making pen strokes, drawing with several variations of pencils, mixing colors, giving blur and pixelize effects, creating grass and leaves, distorting colors or objects, creating illustrations with a sharp level of contrast, adding textures and special effects.

Each brush is grouped by using a tag that can be removed or renamed. You can also create your own tags with more specific names.

Brush History

This feature is similar to the history feature in the browser but what is recorded is the use of brushes. All the brushes you've used before can be seen in the Brush History panel and can be reused by clicking each icon. This panel also allows you to quickly access a set of brushes used many times in a session.

Flexible workspace

There are at least 8 workspaces that can be used immediately. The term workspace refers to the arrangement of panels and menus in Krita. The panel itself is called docker which can be moved to a number of positions.

Once you're done moving the panels and getting the workspace you find most comfortable for the design project you're working on, you can save it as a workspace with a different name.

Resource Manager

Until now, the Krita community is still actively distributing materials or design materials such as brushes and patterns which are usually available for free. You can download the desired material and then put it in Krita through Resource Manager.

Resource Manager is a special container provided for creating, managing and importing sets of brushes, patterns, gradients, presets, palettes and workspaces. Materials that are not currently used can be temporarily disabled.

Mirror Tool

When the Mirror Tool is enabled, a dividing line will appear in the middle of the document dividing it into two sides. Any object or shape you draw on one side will be duplicated automatically on the other. If you draw a line, then the other side will also appear draw a line.

Download the Latest Krita

The support of a very strong user community made Krita grow by leaps and bounds.  Its development period, which has been running for many years, has also produced a large number of design materials. With these advantages, you no longer need to rely on Photoshop to produce design works that are admired by many people. Download Krita free via the link below: