How to Use Waze App and Free Download on iPhone/Android


How to Use Waze App and Free Download on iPhone/Android


Have you ever experienced the frustration and stress of being stuck in traffic for hours on the road? Perhaps some residents of big cities that are crowded with vehicles, such as Jakarta, have experienced this problem.

Well, Waze is here to solve annoying traffic problems. This is an app that will be a helper for you while on the road. Using Waze is very easy because it is basically an application that will make your trip easier, not to complicate it.

Some people may not know what Waze is, its benefits, and how to use this application. Carisinyal will provide information about how to use Waze on iPhone or Android. Come on, just look at the full review of Waze in this article!

What Is Waze?

This section will answer the questions of people who don't know about the Waze app yet. In short, Waze is software that contributes to a "common goal" at the time on the road.

Waze users will connect with other users to provide reports on traffic. These reports can be in the form of traffic flow, congestion, accidents, to police operations in certain places. Waze users can share the best routes with each other so that all users of this application can get to their destination quickly and free of obstacles.

This of course makes it easier for those of you who usually drive your own vehicle to get to your destination faster.

How the Waze App Works

Before we talk about how to use Waze, it would be better if we understood how this one application works. When a Waze user enters the address of their destination, they can drive the vehicle based on the route suggested by Waze.

However, Waze users are also allowed to take on more active roles, such as sharing reports of traffic flow, accidents, and police traps or other circumstances that will hinder the travel time of other Waze users.

Waze also provides a platform for an active community of online map editors. Yes, it is this community that makes the maps in the Waze app so accurate. This community will update the data in the area so that you don't get misrouted or get lost while using the Waze app.

How To Install Waze On iPhone and Android

Before knowing how to use Waze, you need to install this app first on your device. Waze is available on iPhone, Android, Windows, or BlackBerry devices. However, because currently Android and iPhone phone users are the most in the world, Carisinyal will see how to activate Waze on iPhone and Android devices.

Here's a guide on how to install and activate Waze on your iPhone or Android phone:

  1. Download and install the Waze app via the App Store for iPhone and Play Store for Android or Download the Waze App HERE
  2. Once the app is installed, open the Waze app then enter your active mobile number, then press 'Next'
  3. Enter the verification code sent to the mobile number to the Waze application, then you will be taken to the "Create Your Profile" page, then post a photo and fill in your full name
  4. Create a Waze name or ID, then click "Next"

Now, you're ready to use Waze. Enter the address you are going to, then Waze will display a map of the road conditions you are going to pass. Lanes marked with red lines signify congestion. In fact, this application will inform the speed of the vehicles crossing the lane.

Customize Your Preferred Route In Waze

The first way to use Waze is that you have to make sure that Waze will provide the best route for you. Our advice is to choose the shortest route by going to Settings > Navigation > Routing Styles > Select Shortest. Because when you choose the fastest route (Fastest) not infrequently Waze will provide a crazy route to reach your destination in a very short time.

By choosing the shortest route, Waze will try to find a traffic-free travel route and any other kind of obstacles. However, you also have to make sure that the shortest route provided by Waze is to your liking.

Eliminate Unnecessary Things On The Map

As we discussed earlier, Waze will report all types of accidents, police locations, and all other forms of incidents that can hinder travel. There may be people who really need this kind of information, but there are also those who do not need the information and are instead disturbed by the presence of small icons on the map showing accidents, police locations, etc.

No need to worry because you can customize the display of information you really need on the map that Waze displays. You just need to go to Settings > Display Settings > Show on Map > Uncheck the information you don't need. With this, the map will become cleaner and display only the information you really need.

Turn Off Apps If Not In Use

After knowing how to use Waze maybe you will become very dependent on this app. But remember that you only need Waze when you're on the go. If you are not on the go, you should just turn off this application.

The reason is, Waze will continue to run in the background to look for local traffic information all the time. Of course, this will consume battery power and also your internet quota. Turn off Waze by pressing the Power button in the form of the Waze icon at the bottom left, tap the power icon, then Waze will enter sleep mode.

Benefits of Waze

Waze is not just an ordinary directional (GPS) application. Through this application you can find out about the unpredictable condition of traffic flow. With Waze, your journey will be more efficient as you can choose a route that is free of traffic jams, police, accidents, or other obstacles.

Not only that, but you can also interact directly with other Waze users who are on the road you are about to pass. Yes, you can ask other Waze users who cross the road about the direct condition of the traffic flow there. With Waze, you don't have to listen to the radio that usually informs about the flow of traffic. 

Well, are you ready to start your journey with Waze? The way to use Waze is almost the same as when you use a regular GPS. It's just that the difference lies in the complete traffic flow information offered by Waze. You can get this app for free on your smart phone.